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Behind every successful man is a woman. No doubt this is a well thought through statement.Just like ladies need to be very cautious before walking down the aisle with a man, same also applies to the man.Your choice of a spouse will greatly impact your outcome in life. This will …

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Never trust a guy who does these 10 things

File Photo Trust in a relationship is everything. Getting someone you can trust to spend your whole life with isn’t a child’s play. By all means, you should get a man who’s trustworthy. By all means, you should find a man whose ye is ye and whose nay is nay. …

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23-33% of women go on dates for free meal- study

File Photo A new study, which appears in the Social Psychology and Personality Science peer-reviewed journal, seems to suggest that 23 to 33 percent of women have actually said yes to a date in order to get a free meal. Study authors Trista Harig, Jennifer Howell, and Brian Collisson engaged with …

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