Police, Kingmakers Deny Gunshots At Ayikai Doblo

Principal kingmakers, accredited heads and elders of Ayikai Doblo sub-divisional stool in the Ga West municipality of the Greater Accra Region have allayed fears of any gun shooting incident, tension, confusion and insecurity in the area.

The story which was corroborated by the Greater Accra Regional Police Command and Amasaman District Police Command, Ga West, indicated that no gunshot incident has recently been recorded in Ayikai Doblo.

“Our checks after the news of sporadic gunshots at Ayikai-Doblo by the media revealed that no such incident had occurred in Ayikai Dobolo recently,” the Greater Accra Regional and Amamsan District Police Commands told journalists who visited the two commands to verify the report.

According to the traditional authorities, Ayikai Doblo was peaceful, adding that there was no cause for alarm as residents were going about their normal activities.

“We want to state that there has been no gunshots at Ayikai Doblo community and also it is not true that the headmistress of Ayikai Doblo Municipal Basic Primary School resolved to close down the school on Thursday, June 9, 2021, should the prevailing security threats remain,” they insisted.

“From Monday to Thursday, residents of Ayikai Doblo have not witnessed any gunshots in the area as was being alleged by a group led by Alhaji Ibrahim Adjah Musah Ato Amponsah and his followers,” they said.

The allodial owners of Ayikai Doblo community said there was peaceful coexistence among the people living in the area.

Consequently, they warned those selfish individuals in the area led by Alhaji Ibrahim Adjah Musah Ato Amponsah and Raymond Ablorh who were interested in the position of sub-divisional chiefs in the area to stop the habit of hiding behind faceless personalities to peddle lies against Nii Amoo Dodoo, popularly known as Nii Azooto, to the effect that he was using land-guards and violence to control the lands.

They explained that there were no land-guards at Ayikai Doblo community in the Ga State, adding that the community had a legally formed Asafatse group who was mandated to protect their lands.

They stated that the allegation that the Ayikai Doblo community has suffered indiscriminate land-guard activities and indiscriminate shooting for some time now were factually incorrect and should be treated with contempt.

They said Alhaji Ibrahim Adjah, Musah Ato Amponsah and Raymond Ablorh were attacking the integrity of Mr Dodoo because he had stopped them from reselling lands in the area.

Later addressing journalists in Accra yesterday, the Principal Kingmaker of Ayikai Doblo Sub-Divisional Stool, Nii Kweifio, on the behalf of the leaders of the area, pointed out that the Paramount Chief of Akumajen Stool in Ga Mashie, Nii Ayikai III, together with his elders, have granted a Power of Attorney (PA) to Mr Dodoo to represent the Akumajen Stool in all matters relating to land transactions in Ayikai Doblo community under Ga Mashie.

A one-page certified document dated November 18, 2013, with signatories of the Stool Secretary of Akumanjen Divisional Council of Ga Traditional Area, Nii Ayikai III, and Mr Decarlo Quainoo, indicated that “Nii Ayikwa III and his elders in Ga Mashie with the consent and concurrence of the chiefs of the Akumanjen Stool have appointed Mr Dodoo as the true and lawful Attorney of Ayikai Doblo Stool land.”

The document, which copy was chanced upon by DAILY Analyst, states that Nii Amu Dodoo, who is a royal and a native of Ayikai Doblo in the Ga State, is now on behalf of Nii Ayikai III in charge of all matters relating to lands in Ayikai Doblo.

The document continues: “As part of his duties, he is to do all things whatsoever which in the opinion of my said Attorney shall be expedient to execute for me and on my behalf.”

“Mr. Dodoo is also without prejudice to the generality of the forgoing power to represent me as such customarily and legally in all matters that affect the stool interest,” the document added.

According to the document, Mr Dodoo is to commence, persecute, defend and answer all actions and other legal proceedings and demands touching on any of the matters in connection with Ayikai Doblo lands.

Cue in voice of Nii Kweifio, Principal Kingmaker Ayikai Doblo Sub-Divisional Community

Speaking further Nii Kweifio denied the assertion by Mr Musah Ato Amponsah and his followers that Akunmajeng chief does not have the capacity to install a chief for Ayikai Doblo and also cannot give Mr Dosoo a power of attorney as an Ayikai Doblo land caretaker.

He asserted that these people had made such statements out of ignorance of the traditional and chieftaincy structures of the Ayikai Doblo sub-divisional stool.

He stated that the Akumanjen Divisional Area of the Ga State was the head of the stool of which umbrella body recognised communities such as the Ayikai Doblo, Akraman, Okusibiade fall under.

According to him, there was a passed resolution in 1996 which stipulated that the three recognised sub divisional areas which are Ayikai Doblo, Akraman and Okusibiade together with other villages including Abossey Okai, Mataheko and South Odorkor should install chiefs and family elders.

“So it was according to the passed resolution which has given traditional power to the kingmakers to choose the rightful persons to install chiefs and elders in the various communities which fall under the umbrella body of Akumanjen Divisional Area of the Ga State.

“So in this traditional arrangement, the leadership of the Akumanjen Divisional Stool of the Ga State cannot appoint chiefs or elders for the various communities under it. But the appointment and selection of the persons to be installed chiefs or elders of these communities could be done with the consent of the Akumanjen Divisional Stool.

“And after the installation of the rightful persons to ascend the throne by the kingmakers of these communities, the persons installed as chiefs would be brought to Akumanjen Divisional Stool Palace in Ga Mashie for the final traditional and customary rituals to be performed by way of accepting the persons and also for them to pay homage.

It was also stated in the resolution that in case there were no chiefs in these communities, the elders of these communities in consultation with the leadership of Akumanjen Divisional Stool Palace are mandated to appoint acting chiefs to run the traditional affairs of these areas until the chiefs of these communities are installed.

According to Nii Kweifio, they all known that Mr Dodoo has performed well to bring the needed sustainable development to Ayikai Doblo.

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