‘ Kingmakers Rubbish Gun Shooting Incident At Ga Ayikai Doblo

Principal kingmakers, accredited heads and elders of Ga Ayikai Doblo Divisional Stool in the Ga West municipalilty of the Greater Accra Region have allayed fear of any gun shooting, tension, confusion and insecurity in the area and thereby describing Ayikai Doblo as a peaceful community within the Ga State.h

Fuming with anger the original owners of Ayikai Doblo community warned those selfish individuals in the area who are interested in the position of Divisional Chief of the area to stop the habit of hiding behind faceless identities to peddle lies or attack the integrity of Nii Amoo Dodoo popularly known as Nii Azooto who is a legal caretaker of the stool lands of Ayikai Doblo community.

Speaking in an interview with Bizzygh.com they pointed out that the Paramount Chief of Akumajen Stool in Ga Mashie, Nii Ayikai III, together with his elders has granted the Power of Attorney (PA) to Mr Dodoo to represent the Akumajen Stool in all matters relating to lands transaction of Ayikai Doblo community under Ga Mashie.

According to them, they all known that Mr Dodoo has performed greatly to bring the needed sustainable development to the areas Ayikai Doblo.

They stated that nobody can rubbish his achievements especially when these achievements were what aided the Ayikai Doblo Stool to win more land cases which made the people in the area to reclaim more of their stolen lands sold to individuals land developers and organisations.

They argued that it is bad attitude for these self seeking individuals are interested in the position of the chief of the area to wrongly accuse Mr Dodoo and fabricate false stories and lies just because of their selfish interest.

The kingmakers and elders of Ayikai Doblo warned the habit of attacking, peddling falsehood and destroying the hard earned reputation of Mr Dodoo because of chieftaincy position is not good for the county’s democratic dispensation and must stop now in our chieftaincy politics.

The kingmakers and elders of Ayikai Doblo issued this warning while debunking a report on feednews.com, a local news online portal to the effect that there are indiscriminate shooting of guns at Ayikai Doblo which situation had made the residents worried over growing insecurity as inhabitants flee.

In that report, the online news portal stated that Ayikai Doblo community has a history of disturbing assassins and landguards’ activities which, have led to the death of some inhabitants without legal and judicial solutions to the plights of the victims’ families.

In 2009 and 2013, the report noted that Inteshie and 26-year young Sulley Amartey were killed respectively by assassins and landguards.

Till date, the report stated that the culprits are walking free to the excruciating pains of relatives and loved ones.

According to the media report, this is partly why the elders of Ayikai Doblo who have lost hope in the judicial system are most worried about prevailing indiscriminate gun shooting by persons suspected to be landguards hired by Nii Azonto, a native of Ayikai Doblo and a known landguard.

“After the death of our chief, Nii Doblo Ayikai II on 13th June, 2017, Nii Azonto, is attempting to impose himself on us as chief which, the royal family is not allowing, hence, these incessant indiscriminate shooting by his men in the community,” an elder alleged in the report.

According to the report, “Nii Amo Dodoo masterminded the killing of our relative, Sulley Amartey which was reported in the Daily Graphic of Monday, December 9, 2013.

Despite the wide media coverage the unfortunate event got, he has been able to escape justice with the help of the police. We have petitioned the Police CID and the Chief Justice separately but nothing has been done about it. We believe that is why he is farting on the law with impunity.”

But in a sharp rebuttal, the principal kingmakers including accredited heads and elders in Ayikai Doblo have stated that Nii Amo Dodoo is a law abiding citizen and that he will not do anything untowards to create insecurity in the area.

They added that those faceless personalities who are making these allegations against Mr Dodoo were doing that because they were fighting him to take position of the power of attorney granted to Mr Dodoo to represent the Akumajen Stool.

They defended Nii Amo Dodoo that he has not masterminded the killing of anyone in the area adding those making the allegations against Nii Amo Dodoo were doing so to tarnish his name and make look bad in the eye of the general public.

They stated that the wide spread media reports attributed to the so-called heads of the three ruling Houses of Doblo, namely, KWEIFIO WE, OKANI MEMSAH WE and DOBLO was not true and that the statement should be treated with contempt it deserves.

They asserted that the falsehood penpertrated by these personalities from the three houses in the area were put in the public ostensibly to create unnecessary tension and confusion.

“We want to state and also to set the records straight that there is no any plan to install Nii Amoo Dodoo as a new chief So all what those self seekers elders are saying were lies,” they stressed.

They explained that if there is any arrangement to install a new chief in the area, Nii Amoo Dodoo who has been given the power attorney by the Akumanjen Divisional Stool which empowers him to control Ayikai Doblo lands would surely be consulted and not these self seeker elders should come with these lies statement.

A one-page certified document dated November 18, 2013, with signatories of the Stool Secretary of Akumanjen Divisional Council of Ga Traditional Area, Nii Ayikai III, and Mr. Decarlo Quainoo, showed that “Nii Ayikwa III and his elders in Ga Mashie with the consent and concurrence of the chiefs of the Akumanjen Stool have appointed Mr. Dodoo as the true and lawful attorney of Ayikai Doblo Stool land.”

The document, which copy was chanced upon by Today, states that Nii Amu Dodoo, who is a royal and a native of Ayikai Doblo in the Ga State, is now on behalf of Nii Ayikai III in charge of all matters relating to lands in Ayikai Doblo.

The document reads: “As part of his duty, he is to do all things whatsoever which in the opinion of my said Attorney shall be expedient to execute for me and on my behalf.”

“Mr. Dodoo is also without prejudice to the generality of the forgoing power to represent me as such customarily and legally in all matters that affect the stool interest,” the document added.

According to the document, Mr Dodoo is to commence, persecute, defend and answer all actions and other legal proceedings and demands touching on any of the matters in connection with the Ayikai Doblo lands.


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