Elmina Chief Fisherman Sworn Into Fold -Of Central Regional Ghana National Canoe Firshermen Council

Executives leadership of the Central Regional branch of the Ghana National Canoe Firshermen Council have legally and traditionally performed a rightful rituals to swear-in into their folds the Chief Fisherman of Elmina Coastal Community, Nana Kwamina Badu.

The performance of the rituals to swear- in Nana Kwamina Badu into the council had affirmed his membership status of the council which signifies his Elmina fisherman chieftaincy position to partake in the various programmes and events of the council.

The traditional event which took place at Anomabo landing premix office on Saturday May 22, 20021 amidst singing of war songs and firing of mustering was graced by the central regional executives of the council, chief fishermen including the fishermen and women from some recognize fishing communities in the region.

The President of the Central Regional branch of the Ghana National Canoe Firshermen Council who doubles as the Chief Fisherman for Gomoah Fetteh Fishing Community, Nana Obrenu Dabum led the Central Regional executives of the council to perform the rituals to swear-in Nana Kwamina Badu into the fold of council.

He tasked Nana Kwamina Badu to bring his vast fishing expertises on board to help combat all the illegalities, problems and chellenges associated with the fishing activities within the Elmina fishing enclaves and the region as a whole.

Nana Obrenu Dabum further asked Nana Kwamina Badu to always unveil himself to the council whenever to the council they need him assistance to address the pressing issues confronting the artisan fishers and fishing industry in the region.

Administering the oath of alliengence to the executive members of the Central Regional branch of the Ghana National Canoe Firshermen Council, Nana Kwamina Badu thanked the executives for giving him opportunity to part of them and promised to bring his expertise on board to help bring sustainable development to the fishing communities in the central region.

He used the occasion to appeal to the government to take a second look of the ban on the light fishing activities on the sea.

The use of the lighting system for fishing is said to have negative effects on the sea and it has been banned.
But some fishermen continue to use it

However, Nana Kwamina Badu who is a fisheman himself, noted that the ban on the light fight activities on the sea was adversely affecting fishing operatioonal system on the sea.

According to him, although he was not against the government to ban that activity, he believes that the central government through the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development should devise effective measures to regulate the light fishing methods of the artisan fishers rather than placing a total ban on it in the system.

He denied the wide spread assertions which suggested that the light fishing activities are preventing the fishers to catch more fishs in the sea.

“This is not true. There are more fishs in the sea. So government must allow the fishermen to use light fishing and put in place the effective reregulatory measures to monitor the activities.

“Our fishemen are having problems or difficulties of catching more fishs in the sea because we have plenty people who are fishing on the sea now. But not the light fishing activities which are preventing the fishers to catch more fishs in the sea,” Nana Kwamina Badu stated.

Nana Kwamina Badu promised to work with the chief fishermen in the region to improve the fishing activities of the fishers.

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Pix Nana Kwamina Badu joined executives membership of Central Regional branch of the Ghana National Canoe Firshermen Council

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