Operation Halt Burns Kate Mining Site On Third Time,Threatens to Shoot Securities

The operation halt on the third occasion has gone to the mining site of the national women organizer for the New Patriotic Party Madam Kate Gyamfua at Akyem Pameng and burnt the their office, electricity supply plant and other important items living nothing on the mining site.

The security men numbering seven who claimed to have been instructed by their boss Kate Gyamfua to guard the mining site to ensure no one come to steal anything left divulged that they received all kinds of maltreatments from the soldiers after invading on the mining site.

The security men revealed that they were asked by the military men to get out from their security room, sleep on the floor, received dirty slaps and were later matched out from the mining site while the soldiers threatened to shoot them if they dare come back to the site.

Mr. Asante Yeboah the Public Relations Officer for Kate Mining Company who got to the seen after the soldiers left the mining site has alleged that some big well known chiefs in the region have hands in the burning of the NPP national women organizer mining site.

He said, “Kate is not the only person with a mining site in the region so why her site alone be burnt for the third time by the soldiers if those chiefs have no hands in it, I expect the president to address this issue on his return to the country else his government would be blamed for this unbearable actions”.

Mr. Asante Yeboah concluded that Kate mining company has employed over eight hundred workers who are the breadwinners for their families hence the government must reconsider it decision on collapsing the mining company of Kate Gyamfua and others who have all the legal documents for mining.

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