Who Wins Ga South MCE Seat? Chairman Paul Baako Tipped For Position

Residents in the various electoral areas of the Bortianor-Ngleshie-Amanfro and Domeabra-Obom constituties within the Ga South municipalilty of Greater Accra Region are lobbying for President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and to appoint the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Chairman of the Bortianor-Ngleshie -Amanfro, Mr Paul Ibrahim Baako as the new Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Ga South.

Mr Baako participation in the contest has infused shock waves into the spines of his competitors who are of the strong fear that his involvement in the race will shipwreck their chances of grabbing the seat.

Owing to his academic and leadership pedigree and sterlar contributions towards the growth of NPP in the two constituncies, many have tipped him as the winner man.

According to them, their call on the President and appointee authorities to appoint Mr Baako as a new Ga South MCE has stemmed from the fact that, Mr Baako who doubles as the former Bortianor Ngleshie Amanfro Constituency Second Vice Chairman has distinguished himself as a grassroots person who has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the NPP over the years.

The residents made of chiefs, market folks, students, fishermen, youth, clergies, queenmothers including members and supporters of the NPP in two constituties in the random interview with DAILY Analyst believe that Mr Baako appointment will help the NPP regain its lost glory in the two constituencies. 

“He is very submissive, good listener, team builder, peace maker, humble, people-centered, hardworking, and understands party works. So we the youth of Bortianor-Ngleshie-Amanfro and Domeabra-Obom constituties plead with the president to give the MCE position to Mr Baako,” socres of residents in Ga South one of the told our senior reporter Freeman Koryekpor Awlesu.

The resident says the appointment of Mr Baako as MCE will be a reward for his hard work, commitment, and loyalty to the party.

Mr Baako’s appointment, according to the residents will also strongly help position the NPP to reclaim the Domeabra parliamentary seat which has eluded the party in the last two elections.

Another resident, Mr Fiifi Layea appeals to the President to consider Mr. Baako Yakubu as the next MCE for Ga South Municipality to drive change. 

Speaking in an interview with DAILY Analyst, Mr Baako welcomed the recent decision of the chiefs, elders and youth in the area to lobby for his appointment as a new MCE of Ga South South.

According to him, “l think l have what it takes and technical know-how to devise solutions to resolve the current problems confronting the people in the two constituncies even though the successive DCEs, particularly the incumbent DCE, Mr Joseph Stephen Nyarni has also played his part in that regard.

He opined that leadership is about legacy so if you are given the chance or opportunity to serve your people you must ensure you live up to that legacy.

He added that a legacy should be monumental that would also go along way to impact positively on lives the people whose interest for which you are appointed to represent.”

He noted that he has made lots of contributions to the progress of the party in the constituencies and at the regional and national levels.

He asserted that he has gained the necessary political experience over the years to be able to manage the municipalilty efficiently and effectively.

He pointed out that he equally acquainted his self with the party’s rules and regulations including its constitutions and so l think that the right time has come now for me to take up this noble position in the Ga South municipalilty.

“Considering my long service to the party and community as a whole I deemed it fit to take up the mantle since my party recognizes loyalty, hardwork and commitment,” Mr Baako noted.

Having been a grassroot person of the NPP as taking cognizance of his numerous past positions held in the party, Mr Baako assured that when appointed as the next MCE for the area, he would work assiduously to promote and project effective human resources development and empowering the youth in the area through farming, skills development and training.

He added that, his major motivation also in aspiring for this position has to do with the fact that, given the opportunity he would lobby to ensure that the teeming unemployed youth across the two constituties get decent jobs to do.

He further asserted that being a young person, he would be a more accessible leader since he has a very cordial rapport with a significant number of the youths and chiefs in the municipalilty.

He pointed out that the various electoral areas of Ga South, particularly that of Domeabra-Obom constituncy are under developed and “we need to direct our attention there at least for them to also get some level of development.”

He noted that because of his family background with the two administrative constituencies, he has a good rapport with all the people expecially the local people who complained bitterly to him that they felt neglected by the current management of the Assembly.

Mr Baako stated that chiefs and elders including the location authorities within the municipalilty told him that they are to be consulted effectively before starting any developmental project and programmes in their in their localities, a situation he said was missing in the administration im the incumbent MCE regime.

“Our chiefs were saying that any decision that the Assembly takes to bring development projets to their localities, they should be consulted first in the decision making processes,” he added.

In this wise, Mr Baako further assured that when appointed the new MCE, he will ensure that the chiefs, elders and other local authorities are involved in the decision making processes of the Assembly.

He asserted that the people are complaining that the Assembly under the leadership of the incumbent MCE was not givjng prompt attentions to their communities pressing issues.

“These are unattended issues that they have and that so far as they had complained them to me should in case l am appointed the MCE I would not toll that line of the Asssembly,” he assured.

He maintained that he would work hard to identify their problems and challenges that were confronting them and find lasting solutions to them .

“I am not coming to continue the rots that have been created l would make sure l toll the lines of the local people to help bring sustainable development to the municipalilty,” Mr Baako further assured.

On the issue of his plan of the road neworks within the municipalilty, Mr Baako said that when appointed the MCE in the area, he would focus on his attention on the issue of the deplorable state of the road networks within the municipalilty.

He lamented that the poor road problems was one of the major problem facing the people in the electoral areas within the Ga South municipalilty.

He assured that he would work with the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) Bortianor Ngleshie Amanfro constituncy to lobby for the reshaping of the major roads in the nineteen (19) electoral areas within the municipalilty.

On the issue of the long-ending boundary dispute between the chiefs of Ga South municipalilty and the people of Awutu Senya East municipalilty in the Central Region, Mr Baako noted that he would essure that this problem would be solved.

He pointed out that he would solve this problem by way of inviting the top shots of the Ministry of Local and Rural Development including both officials from the Ga Municipal Assembly and Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly to show the two parties their administrative boundary pillars or demarcations.

Mr Baako was of the view that the long boundary dispute problem was unresolved because the subsequent MCEs have not given attention to that area.

He disclosed that the areas which fall within the administrative jurisdiction of Ga South Municipality which was set up in 2007 are Okoman, Odunkwa, Ashalaja, Kwame Anum, Obakrowa, Krohohwe, Hobor, Adiembra, Asabade, Ngleshie Amanfrom, Torhuse, Iron City, Amanfro Top, Amanfro Kingtown and Machigeni.

Others are Galilea, Omankope, Tomefa, Workers Brigade, Bortianor, Old Aklaku, New Galilea, Galilea North, Tsokomey, Faajimore, Wiejoshie and Shiayena.

“So l have the technical known-how to bring this issue to an end when l am appointed the new MCE of the area,” Mr Baako further emphasized.


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