Why Kofi Amoabeng allegedly dumped Mzbel – Diamond Appiah reveals secrets

One of Ghana’s youngest female millionaires, Diamond Appiah has dropped some serious secrets about Mzbel.

Diamond Appiah alleges the former UT bank boss, Kofi Amoabeng ended his intimate relationship with Mzbel due to stealing.

She discloses the 16-years hitmaker was caught on a hidden camera stealing money from Kofi Amoabeng’s beside his drawer in his room.

She tagged her a thief and therefore beseeched her to ASAP return she(Mzbel) stole from the businessman and former boss of the defunct bank.

Diamond said this in a post shared on her page.

Oprega aka Aba the great it seems ur own lies are drowning u cos the story keeps changing from yahoo yahoo to drugs n prostitution with ghost names I haven’t heard in my life before ??? who is ceasar n Co? Are u alright upstairs or the depression of ur failed life at 48yrs has derailed ur mental veins finally ??? Why don’t u tell Ghanaians about the money u had been stealing from the bedside drawer of Mr Amoabe…. (Bank na agu wura no ?)that made the man dumb ur KLEPTOMANIA as**, u neva knew he had a hidden camera in his room right, Obaa Abrewa Kromfour ?? how is Mr Danny ur cripple boyfriend from Hush hush studio? A girl who sleeps with a cripple for fame dierr how can a Dadabee like me be ur mate ? whiles I was reading my books in my grandfather’s Mansion, James Town n Chorkor Fishermen were playing u gala in that uncompleted house.No wonder ur Mentally defunct. 48 yrs n still homeless without a single property is a curse oo. Dont we all have the same 24hours? Whiles u were busy chasing old men n people’s husband’s all over the place we were busy building our Empire oo. Who is ur mate? ?? THIEF RETURN THE MONEY U STOLE FROM MR AMOABE…. ‘S DRAWER”.

She again uncovered that Mzbel is the one behind the Instagram ghost page, ‘Aba the Great’, a very popular Instagram undercover blogger.

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