NPP, NDC Water Projects Fight: Ex-Assemblyman Out With Facts

Former Assembly member for Mepe Adudornu Electoral Area in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region, Mr Yawli David, has described claims by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of being the one to bring sustainable water projects to people in the district as fabrications and an attempt to create tension and confusion in the district.

The North Tongu constituency communication officer of the Volta Region, Mr Mornyuie Kennedy, has issued a press statement claiming that the NDC government through the Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency, Mr Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, has executed more reliable water projects and other social and infrastructure developmental projects than the current New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the district.

In that press statement, the NDC communicator stated that the NPP should be blamed for the acute water shortage in some parts of the rural communities including Battor Torgodo and Mepe Torgodo.

The statement asserted that Mr Okudzeto Ablakwa and the NDC single-handedly supplied water to all these communities who did not have potable water.

It noted that some of the beneficiary communities included Deve, Akuta, Zomayi Agbesikpedo, Ayiwata Kpekpo Morklikpo, Tsidzenu, Adidokpavu, and Kanuwloe Kpoviedzi. The rest were Fakpoe, Dadome Kpomkpo, Keseve, Podoe Tsikpe
Tagadzi, Gborkorpe and Dramani Korpe.

Also, the NDC claimed that Mr Okudzeto Ablakwa donated Motor King tricycles to some communities in these water distressed areas for the purpose of fetching water for the households in the communities in order to permanently cure the annual headache of the people—which is struggling to find good drinking water.

The NDC touted that the five district water project was commenced in phases in 2015 by an NDC administration to supply water to North Tongu, Central Tongu, South Tongu, Adaklu and Ho West Districts.

The party stressed that the phase one and two of the project had been completed and in operation since 2016, adding that the same year the pioneering government lost power to NPP.

But in a counter press statement, which was copied to DAILY Analyst, the former assembly member who doubles as the Zonal General Secretary for Zone A 3.5 Districts Water Project of Mafi Adidome, punched a deep hole into the claims of the NDC and came out with real facts about the water projects in the district.

Describing the NDC water projects claim as lies and mischief, Mr Yawli who sounded non-political stated that the NDC cannot compared itself to the NPP’s current government when it comes to the reality on the ground on the water projects in the rural areas within the district.

“Before I proceed, the North Tongu NDC constituency executives and Hon Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa should be ashamed about their lies and they should think about the funding for phase four (4) of the water project and other developmental projects in the district,” he said.

He called on the North Tongu constituency executives of the NDC and Mr Okudzeto Ablakwa to render an unqualified apology to the constituents, especially the people in the rural areas of the banks of Mepe and Battor, for claiming glory in the five district water projects and a donation of about 20 motor king tricycles to distribute drinking water to the communities.

Read below the full statement the Ex-Assemblyman

North Tongu National Democratic Congress (NDC) Constituency
Executives and Hon Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa must apologise To the North Tongu District, especially Mepe-Torgodo and Battor Torgodo citizenry for the allegation about 5 District Water Projects and donation of about 20 motor king/tricycles to distribute water to the communities.

On Dela Radio 105.7 FM Morning show dated Tuesday, 23rd Feb., 2021, hosted by Christopher Papawu, aka Country Wailer
5 District Water Project
Project Background:

Development and implementation of the project started in the year 2009 to 2010, Mr Kolly Dorcoo of Mafi Kumase and the Executive Director of Afrowood Consulting Company in Accra to develop a major water supply scheme for constituencies in the Volta Region now 5 districts.

The objective of his initiative is to ensure that dependable water from the Volta River is delivered to all needy communities in the 5 District of Central Tongu, Adaklu Kpetoe–Ziope, North Tongu and Ho West Districts.

He observed that most of these communities depend mainly on unreliable and unsafe dams, ponds and other seasonal water sources.

The result of the lack of reliable water source has created a lot of sufferings for these communities, as it has affected their revenue generation, women and girls who traditionally are obliged to bring water to the house use long hours each day searching for water of any quality in the long dry seasons.

The situation has compelled most of the girls to drop out of school due to repeated absence from classes, hence impacting adversely on girl education.

Financing of the project:
Originally, the developed project did not have sponsorship as it was a personal voluntary initiative.

However, immediately after the development process, the two (2) companies of clear Cell Company Limited, Ghana headed by Mr Danny Mainoo and Oman project, Austria headed by Mr Eugene Tamann, expressed interest in seeking for funding for the project.

Finally in 2010, the two gentlemen succeeded in securing a concessionary loan from the government of Austria on behalf of Government of Ghana as a result of the viability assessment of the project today, is a project of the Government of Ghana.

Due to the size of the entire project ,financing could only be secured in phases the project phases 1 and 2 with total funding of Euro 16.87 million (currently about GH¢47 million) have been in implementation since 2012.

As a condition of the funding procurement, messrs.

STRABAG AG of Vienna, Austria, a majors and competent European contractor, has been contracted for the construction of the project on turn- key –basis.

At this juncture, we wish to expresses our sincere gratitude to Hon. Joe Amewugah Gidisu, former MP for Central Tongu for playing a major role in the procurement of funding for the project phases 1 and 2.

Water transmission:

The clean water pumped from the clear water tank using four “4” high lift pressure pump to high level water tank constructed in 9‟ distribution zone in Central Tongu.

The designed water consumption for communities in Central Tongu is about 2,500m3) day that is about 550,00 gallons/day the other 550,000gallons/day will serve Adaklu and Kpetoe – Ziope districts.

The high level water tanks which are 15m approximately 50ft high are located at Zone A1-Bakpa- Avedo to serve 31 communities in Bakpa/Mafi-Avedo-Kpoviadzi area.
Zone A2: Mafi Adidome (existing tank) to serve 5 communities of the Adidome water project.

Zone A3: Dudevi- Manase to serve 23 communities in Dadome –Adudornu area.

Zone A4: Mafi Dadoboe to serve the 10 communities of the Teleafenui water project. Zone A5: Mafi Kpedzeglo to serve 15 communities in Kpedzeglo, Dzabukpo area.

Zone A6: Zongo to serve the 23 communities of the Amurt water project.

Zone A7: Kanikope to serve 13 communities in the area.
Zone A8: Mafi Kumasi t(existing tank) to serve 22 communities of Mafi Kumasi water project.

Zone A9: Mafi -Kutime to serve 17 communities in the Mafi Kutime- Deveme area.


The Community Water and Sanitation Agency of Ghana awarded STRABAG. Water

Technologies with a contract to design and build the Distribution Pipe Network in Zone A1 to A9, Transmission pipe Network with 4 drinking water storage tanks and one Booster Pump station 4 with Reservoir.

The scope of work for this contract comprises the design, engineering and the execution of civil, Mechanical and Electrical Works.

After the completion of project, the plant would be handed over to CWSA for management.

Technical assistance during the first year of operation (defect liability period) will also be provided under this contract.

The communities to benefit from the phase three (3) are not endowed with safe and reliable drinking water sources.

These communities are situated far away from any major stream or river. The communities therefore mainly rely on seasonal ponds, dug-outs and small earth dams and household rainwater catchment.

Most of these sources have unsafe water quality, low water yield and are prone to depletion or drying up in the dry season.

Several efforts made by government to abstract ground water for these communities have not yielded the desired result due to unfavorable hydro-geological soil conditions such as low yields from successful boreholes and poor water quality with high salinity, iron and manganese concentration.

The project phase 3 with total funding of Euro 11.5 million have been in implementation since 2020.

As a condition of the funding procurement, Adaklu and Central Tongu are the only two (2) districts that are benefiting from the ongoing projects without North Tongu and other, two Districts.

Before I proceed, the North Tongu NDC constituency executives and Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa (MP) should be ashamed of their lies and they should think about the funding for phase four (4) of the water project and other developmental projects in the District.

Thank you all.
Hon. Yawli David
(Former Assembly member)
Zonal Gnr. Secretary for zone A3. 5 Districts Water
Project-Mafi Adidome

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