Desist From Exaggerated Journalism -Apostle Agbalenyoh urges journalists

The Worldwide Leader of the Congregation of the Church of Theocracy, Apostle Dr. Kadmiel Agbalenyoh, has called on the media practitioners in the country to desist from exaggerated journalism.

Rather, the man of God stressed the need for journalists to report news fairly, accurately, truthfully and objectively in order to avoid to create any confusion before during and after the December 7, 2020 general elections in the country.

Addressing journalists, Agbalenyoh noted that those politicians who promote hate speech and beat war drums in their pronouncements should be side-lined by the media in terms of coverage so that such cheap statements do not get wide publicity to create problem for the nation as “we all yean for peace during this elections.”

He continued that statements made by some self seeking politicians are very sensitive, so they should all be careful about what they communicate to the public.

The man of God stated that mistakes in speeches or reckless statements can cause havoc prior to the elections.

He also noted that it would be very helpful if all the contesting Politicians can condition their minds for both victory and defeat so that any of the two options that they get is accepted in good faith in order not to cause any tension or commotion in the country.

He said instead of trading insults what politicians should be doing is to propagate their manifesto messages to the electorates for them to make informed decisions.

He continued that a lot also depends on the EC which is the referee and also has the sole responsibility to conduct free and fair elections without fear or favour of any Party or individual.

Touching on Security, the Apostle called on all the accredited security officials to ensure that there is peace for all to go about the civic duty to vote.

The man of God also noted that there should not be any room to tolerate vigilante groups that have already been out lawed.

Apostle Agbalenyoh suggested that an Award Scheme should be put in place to reward all individuals and politicians who would put up good behaviour throughout and after the declaration of the final results.

He called on the religious bodies to also educate their members on peace and also pray for peaceful elections.

“The end of the day any party that wins the elections should jubilate moderately whilst the losers too should accept defeat and endure any disappointment they may feel and congratulate winners and then allow life to go on normal,” he indicated.

“If Ghana passes the test of a successful elections this year then our international image would further be boosted as already the nation has a good image due to truck records the nation has achieved in football, boxing , diplomacy, military, and international Politics among other fields,” he stressed. Awlesu

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