Nene Sakite II In Big Trouble As pressure Mounts On Hm To Step Down As Prz Of Manya Krobo Traditional Council

Nene Sakite II

Chief of Suisui Okwenya Division in the Manya Krobo Traditional Area of the Easter Region, Nene Olepeme Sakinor I, has accused the Paramount Chief of the area, Nene Sakite II of abusing of traditional and chietaincy power which is brewing tension and confusion in the area.

Consequently, the chief on behalf of the the legally and traditional installed divisional chiefs of the Manya Krobo Traditional Area has mounted an intense pressure Nene Sakite II to immediately step down his position as the current President of Manya Krobo Traditional Council or else he would face their wrath.

According to him, Nene Sakite II has disregarded all the customs and traditions of Krobo land and instead of using his position to promote peace and unity among his people, has rather courted for himself needless and unnecessary litigations.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with some senior journalists at Manya Krobo,Nene Olepeme Sakinor I said, “Konor Nene Sakite II is ruling without consulting the Divisional chiefs from the six divisions which are made up Manya, Dom, Piengua, Suisun, Akweno and Djabiam who constitute the chieftaincy standing committee of the Manya Krobo Traditional Council.

According to him, the legally and traditional installed divisional chiefs of the Manya Krobo Traditional Area were upset about the decision of the Pàramount Chief to choose to work with some lower ranking traditional office holders and sub-chiefs because of their continuous stance to have the position of the President of the Manya Krobo Traditional Council rotated according to the Chieftaincy law.

Since he has been installed the Pàramount Chief of Manya Krobo Traditional Area,Nene Olepeme Sakinor I stated that Konor Nene Sakite II is effect ruling as a dictator and an autocrat with a small group of sub-chiefs, making the traditional council an inefficient and ineffective.

He indicated that since 1835 the Manya Krobo Division has been taken as the President of Traditional Council so it is now the time to be rotated.

Nene Olepeme Sakinor I, expressed dispuite about the movement of Nene Sakite II who is the Overlord of the Krobo area to be working against the effective implementation of their declaration the elevation of all six divisional stools to independent paramountcies.

The declaration, according to the Divisional Chief is to make Manya Krobo states revert to pre-konorship back to Anikaka Council which ruled the Manya Krobo people for over 500 years.

According to him, the Kornoship of Manya Krobo State was a political Office created in 1835 by Kono Odonkor Azu (British Government), making the occupants overload of Manya but “no longer fit for the purpose of creation” therefore reverting to the original traditional structure of their ancestors.

The Anikaka Council, according to the Chief which has henceforth replaced the Manya Krobo Traditional Council will ensure that “all six divisions will have equal say, influence and exercise power and not subservient to the overload Konor.”

He stated that“we in the name of a joint declaration appoint and authorize the six paramount Chiefs to rotate the Over-Lordship of President of Manya Krobo Traditional Council on a two-year term of office as President of Manya Krobo Traditional Council ”

“It has been declared that apart from Asantehene, the law says the rest of the traditional areas in the country, the president of the traditional council should rotate in the alphabetical order.

“In the history Manya Krobo, we have six divisional chiefs sicne 1835, it has been in one gate to rule as paremount chief of the Krobos, so if the laws say that the president of the traditional council should be on rotational basis then it necessary for us to have more than one paramount chief so that that law can be unified.

“So if two years the chief of Djabiam sits as the President of Manya Krobo Traditional Council then the chief ofSuisun can also be there for the two years period as the President of Manya Krobo Traditional Council,” he stressed.

He noted that unless they were elegate to the Pàramount status. If we look at the Volta Region currently they have about 99 paramount chiefs so the presidents of their traditional councils can be choose by the sets so why can one state have only one paramount chief.?

“When you go to the Akyem land, they have three paramount chiefs which are up of Akyem Kotoku, Akyem Auakwa and Akyem Bonso so why can we in the Manya Krobo Traditional also elevate our divisional chiefs in that status so that the clan heads should be made as the paramount chiefs so that they can rotate that seat,” he noted.

He indicated that “It is very necessary to do so in the Manya Krobo land in order to bring peace in Manya Krobo Traditional Area.

“This is because this is what we have been fighting for the long time, so getting this to be done in Manya Krobo Traditional Area is not something that we should be struggling before they gave to us,” noted.

Nene Olepeme Sakinor I, stated that “we understand that Nene Sakite II has been elected the new President of the Easter Regional House of Chiefs (ERHCs) and that we are calling on him to use this highest position
to restructure the Manya Krobo state.” Awlesu

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