Extortion Alert! Batsona Police Collect Bribe of GH¢ 1,000.00 before granting bail to inmates

A call has been made to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to immediately set up a committee of enquiry to commission a full scale investigations into the numerous complaints of payment for bail and cases of fraud in relations to securing of bails for the inmates who committed crimes at the Batsona Police Division of Ghana Police Service in the Greater Accra Region.

According to Bizzygh.com Analyst sources, the call on the IGP and Ghana Police Administration to investigate the matter has become necessary because there are lucrative nature of the illegal collection of monies from citizens for securing bail whenever they committed crimes and dragged to the crime office of the Batsona Police Division on Spintex road in Accra.

On the prowl, Bizzygh.com gathered that the Batsona Police Division usually charged money for bails and that the minimum money they charged before one inmate could secure a bail for a crime is GH¢1000 and above.

Bizzygh.com was reliably informed that the police officers at the station
have denied some of the inmates bail because they couldn’t afford the money they wanted to collect from them before they could meet their bail condition.

This news portal can authoritatively report that some inmates were reported to have spent over seven (7) months in cells and haven’t been taken to court or been taken to court few times and they have denied them phone calls to their families.

Narrating his ordeal in an interview with Bizzygh.com on October 21, 2020, an inmate from the cell of the Batsona Police Division whose name was (withheld) stated that more people are suffering at the Batsona Police station,adding that”from the commander to the last police they are all corrupt and money conscious.”

According to him, the police officers at the Crime Office of Batsona Police Division have bragged about the lucrative nature of the illegal collection of monies from inmates when they were dragged to the station.

“As for we police officers in the Batsona Police Division here, we do not joke with our money matters [bribe], so if you do not have money on you, then be prepared to be taken to court,” he said the police officers boasted to him when he has been dragged to the office on Thursday October 21, 2020.

For the young, the police officers insisted and eventually extracted from him an amount of GH¢ 1,000.00 as a payment charged for his bail which, they said, could have been more if he had persisted in haggling it down.

He told our reporter that the police officers refused to give him a receipt for the amount claiming, this money is not accounted for.

The bitterness of the experience compelled him to rush to the media and subsequently challenged the Inspector-General of Police, to demonstrate his resolve to fight corruption in the Police Service by calling to order certain elements in the Batsona Police Division

“The IGP must immediately do something about this bad practice by some police officers because on a more serious note people are being detained for more than 48 hours they are neither given bail or taken to court.
If their families want to bail them too they charge them huge amount of money. This ongoing corrupt practice of the police officers at Batsona Police Division is unaccepted and denting the image of Ghana Police Administration,” he said.

He pointed out that Ghana has become a lawless country since even police officers can go on extortion spree, and when it is reported they can cover up their dirty work and no one is arrested even after investigations.

Source:Bizzygh.com/ Freeman Koryekpor Awlesu

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