Asongtandimnam foundation to organize a three day program ahead of the December 2020 polls for the People of Tempane

The Asongtadimnam foundation would be organization a 3 day program for the people of Temapane in the Upper East Region ahead of the December 2020 polls.
The three day programme which include health screening, a peace forum for the youth and donation of learning materials to some selected school in the district is part of the foundation’s responsibility and core mandate.
In a meeting by the Executive members of the Asontadinam foundation, the date for the programme would be communicated to the general public soon.
The upcoming event on the peace forum seek to address and educate the youth of the district the dos and don’ts of elections and how they can maintain peace before during and after the elections in December 2020, which would be crown with a football gala by teams in the area.
The peace forum also seeks to bring together, members and leaders of the various political parties, which includes past and present members of parliament, religious leaders, the security agencies, assembly members, the peace council and the electoral commission to talk and educate the people of the constituency.
According to the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Asontadimnam foundation, Mr. Jonas Aruku, Ayamwaog, Members of the community would receive free health screening on both hepatitis B and C, diabetes, prostrate and breast cancer, and blood pressure and also create awareness and ways to manage and avoid these diseases.
He further reiterated that the Free health Screening Exercise is one of the major programs to be organized by the Asontadimnam foundation in the Tempane District and indicating the purpose of the exercise is to offer people in the community the opportunity to know their health statuses and for those with serious conditions to seek early medical treatment with the support of the Foundation. The exercise is meant to be free to all persons in the community

The Asontadimnam Foundation, is a non-profit and non-partisan charitable organization registered in July 2020 with the Registrar Generals’ Department of Ghana as a company limited by guarantee.
The mission of the Foundation is to support the marginalized and the vulnerable Orphans below Eighteen years (18) in our societies in the areas of Education and Health.
Over the past months, The Asongtadimnam Foundation has made some donations to some widows in the community and has registered over a hundred persons onto the national health insurance policy. Abbey

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