Boso-Gua Chiefs Grow Wild Over move by Nana Osei Nyarko to contest position of President of ERHOC

Divisional Chiefs of the Boso-Gua Traditonal Area in the Eastern Region have raised red flag over what they described as the ‘diabolical and illegal’ move by traditionally and customarily destooled Paramount Chief of Boso-Gua Traditional Area, Nana Osei Nyarko III to contest the position of the ERHOC.

Consequently, the chiefs rallied behind Nene Sackite to be elected to the position President of Eastern Regional House of Chiefs If Nene Sackite however wins, it will be the begining of a new era at the house! Things could change possibly for the better.

They pointed out that Nene Sackite can change things and boldly tackle the many issues that Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin and his Vice Nana Osei Nyarko III have left behind.

They added that We feel it is about time the many chieftaincy issues in the region are resolved to enable development take place in the region

According to the chiefs, their decision to protest against the move by Nana Osei Nyarko III to contest the position of the ERHOC has stemmed from the fact Nana Osei Nyarko III have been destooled as Omanhene by the Head of Boso-Gua Traditional Area Mr John Kwaku Yeboah now deceased but have refused to step down and still continue to carry himself as the Omanhene of the Boso-Gua Traditonal Area.

Speaking in an interview with some journalists, the chiefs stated that
“Our point is, we are curious how Nana Osei Nyarko III will change anything at the house should he win since he is reported to be a subject of some of the problems in the house.”

He is reported to have been destooled as Omanhene in his Boso-Gua community but have refused to step down and still continue to carry himself as the Omanhene of the community!

They indicated that Nana Osei Nyarko III has not step foot at Boso-Gua Traditional Area for the past five years,” adding that “We wonder how his presidency will look like should he win.

“We wonder what will be the motivation for anyone to vote for him knowing what his problems are!

“These are the questions that people are asking. We wonder what will happen at the Eastern Regional house of chiefs after the pending elections.

According to the Divisional Chiefs in their protest letter to the ERHoC, the kingmakers of the Boso Gua Royal family observing all customary rites under the instructions of the then head of the Royal family (Abusuapayin), Mr John Kwaku Yeboah now deceased performed the necessary rituals to destool the current Vice President of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs, Nana Osei Nyarko III known in private life as Mr Ato Kwamena as a result of his arrogance, self-centeredness, disrespect for the citizens in the area and an abysmal performance as Omanhene.

However, in a recent fact finding mission to Boso-Gua, it has revealed that almost majority of elders,family heads of the three gates which formed the Boso-Gua Royal Paramount Stool together with thousands of citizens have strongly supported the move by their principal head (Abusuapanin), Mr John Kwaku Yeboah to perform customarily and traditionally rites to publicly destool the Paramount Chief of the area, Nana Osei Nyarko III on January 3, 2018 who reigned the throne for 18 years.

Information available from the accredited elders of the three royal gates which are Boafowa, Obidiasor and Prah corroborated with the credible documents from the Boso-Gua Traditional Council indicates that Nana Osei Nyarko III who was installed in 1999 has been the Omanhene and President of Boso-Gua Traditional Council until January 3, 2018 when he was traditionally, legally and customarily destooled by the principal head of the family Boso-Gua Royal Paramount Stool, Mr John Kwaku Yeboah with the wide consultation and support of the elders and the youth.

This reporter learnt that on April 2, 2018 the same Abusuapanin, Mr John Kwaku Yeboah with the consultation of his elders and kinsmen has dully performed the necessary rituals and customs to enstool a new paramount chief for Boso-Gua under the stool name, Okotuasuo Nyarko Yeboah III who comes from the Boafoah, which is an eldest royal gate in Boso-Gua.

The Abusuapanin destooled Nana Osei Nyarko III as a result of what the chiefs in the four divisional areas of Boso-Gua described as “Nana Osei Nyarko III’s disrespect towards citizens of the area, and his abysmal performance as Omanhene, according to the Chieftaincy Act 759, 2008.

His destoolment was also primarily done after the youth groups staged a massive demostration against Nana Osei Nyarko III and pleaded with their elders to immediately destool him and install the new chief for them.

It showed clearly in the town that many of citizens in the community do not consider him to be a team leader and to the people, Nana Osei Nyarko III does not possess a quality as a unifier.
During the visit, it seems that the name of Nana Osei Nyarko III becomes a household name for which many opinion leaders, stakesholders, youth, elders, head of families, chiefs, citizens and residents described him “as anti-development and absentee chief,”whom they accused has deprived the people in the Boso-Gua Traditional Area.

The embattled Nana Osei Nyarko, was installed in 1999. He was installed a chief when he is a 51-year-old employee of Bank of Ghana (BoG) in Accra and a nephew of the late chief, Odeneho Nyarko Yeboah II, who passed away on July 1999. He swore the oath of allegiance before the head of the royal Asona clan.

But since the installation of Nana Osei Nyarko III, he has been accused by the youth groups and traditional leaders of Boso-Gua for gross insubordination towards his kingmakers, flouting the oath and illegal nomination two sub-chiefs to the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs (ERHoC) which was contrary to the traditions, customs and norms of the Boso-Gua hence his destoolment.

Speaking in an interview with an opinion leader who doubles as an elder of the Boso-Gua Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Mr Nathaniel Kingsley Afunyah on behalf of the citizens of Boso-Gua stated that, “we people here in Boso-Gua were not happy about the continuous inclusion of the destooled Paramount Chief of Boso-Gua, Nana Osei Nyarko lII, in the register of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs who is using position as the Vice President of ERHoC to formet unnecessary trouble and confusion in the area.

According to him, in the recent strong worded press statement issued by the divisional chiefs and elders of Boso-Gua, they explained that it would be disaster for the stool of Boso-Gua for President of ERHoC, His Majesty Nana Amoatia Ofori Panin to still include Nana Osei Nyarko III in the register of chiefs in the region since he has been destooled.

He stated that the opinion leaders, youth and elders of Boso-Gua have strongly supported the position of
the Divisional Chiefs who are Dodihene and Adontenhene, Nana Adade Bempa II, Nifahene and Tosenghene, Nana Som Asare Kwadjo VIII, Nanyorhene and Benkumhene, Nana Obirentrie Gyau Ahima IV, and Mankrado and Krontihene, Osabarima Agyemang Oboahyia Kumnipa IIl to call Nana Osei Nyarko III to step down for the new chief to assume his chieftaincy and traditional position.

Mr Afunyah rubisshed the claims that the destoolment of Nana Osei Nyarko III was done by some unaccredited kingmakers and elders of the three gates in the area.

“We are saying categorically that it was the late Abusuapanin John Kwaku Yeboah who was brought from his house to the BosoGua palace on January 3 2018 to perform customs and traditions to destool Nana Osei Nyarko III.

He added that “We want to state clearly that the Abusuapanin performed the rituals to destool Nana Osei Nyarko lll before he died, saying that he acted on the request from the people from the three royal gates to destool Nana Osei Nyarko III because he was not helping them.”

They noted that before Abusuapanin John Kwaku Yeboah even died, he legally, traditionally and customarily performed rituals to install another new chief of the area under the stool, who all the people from the three royal gates of the area accepted and endorsed to rule them.

They also recounted that before he died the citizens in the area known who is the next Abusuapanin of the Boso-Gua Royal Stool family Mr John because he installed him who is even acting on his behalf before he died.

Asked whether or not the new chief has been allowed to perform his chieftaincy duties, the retired educationalist who is citizens of Boso-Gua noted that the destooled Nana Osei Nyarko III has taken the elders and kinsmen of Boso-Gua Royal Paramount Stool to the Judiciary Committee of ERHoC, challenging the traditional processes, methods and procedures used by the elders headed by Abusuapanin to destool him.

According to him, Nana Osei Nyarko III is currently holding position of the Vice President in Eastern Regional House of Chiefs who presides over cases in the ERHoC “so we the people in Boso-Gua are not expecting fair hearing of the Boso-Gua Royal Paramount Stool chieftaincy case from the Judiciary Committee of ERHoC which situation has become our delimal over there.”

“Since he was installed in 1999 which is almost 20 years ago, we are challenging Nana Osei Nyarko III to come to the Boso-Gua to point to any development project and programme he personally has brought to the area. He cannot even point at one,” Mr Afunyah stated and called on Nana Osei Nyarko III to step down and allow their newly installed chief to do his work to help develop the Boso-Gua.

He stated that Nana Osei Nyarko III is more or less an absentee chief of the area, saying that about six years ago the youth and elders in the area protested against him.

According to him, the protesters have petitioned the Boso-Gua Royal Stool family that they should come and take away Nana Osei Nyarko III and install the new chief for them because he (Nana Osei Nyarko III) woefully failed to implement his oath of allegiance he swore to the people of Boso Gua to help protect and develop the area.

They pointed out that the family acted on the petition of the people and gave instructions of the Abusuapanin to perform the necessary customary rituals and rites to destool and subsequently installed the new chief for the people of Boso-Gua.

They explained that “We people here in Boso-Gua Traditional Area are peaceful and law abiding citizens if not the blood should have been shed long ago. Because we were God fearing and the Presbyterian Church training people who we are very peace abiding people.

” That is why we are tolerating all these things or none sense from this very destooled Nana Osei Nyarko III and his followers, which hitherto was affecting our development in the area. But to us Nana Osei Nyarko III is no more our Paramount Chief. He cannot even come to Boso-Gua town here to sleep overnight although nobody would do anything to his life.

“We are not threatening to kill him. It is he himself who is afraid of his shadow. We have never killed person here in Boso-Gua township before.
Because the gods in our town hates human being blood for a long time….so you would hear from here that someone has been killed in Boso-Gua township. Who is going to kill Nana Osei Nyarko III, he is only afraid of his shadow,” Mr Afunya stated.

He also denied wide spread reports that the faction of the new paramount chief, Okotuasuo Nyarko Yeboah III had forcibly taken over the palace, saying the palace belongs to the stool father of the Boso-Gua Royal family and that it is the traditional place for the Chief who has been customarily and traditionally enstooled to occupy.

Touching on the proposed Divisional Chiefs to represent the Boso Gua Traditional Council at the Regional House of Chiefs in the proposed reconstituting the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs, Mr Afunyah believes that they had the information that in a recent press release issued and jointly signed by them noted that, “we have interestingly noticed in the proposed reconstitution of Boso Gua has been allocated with three slots and are represented by the Gyasehene of Boso, Ankobeahene of Boso, and the adontenthene of the traditional council who is currently deceased”.

He stressed that the discovery has continued to raise serious concerns in the community as they wonder the criteria being used in selecting the representative.

“”Our chiefs and elders were not informed, not consulted, making us furious about how the selection of those Chiefs was arrived at since the Gyasehene and Ankobeahene who customary are the backroom staff of the Omanhene do not qualify to be Divisional Chiefs. The third who indeed is a divisional chief is deceased so our questions still remain unanswered,” he quoted the statement.

He categorically stated that the Divisional Chiefs will not encourage this new norm at all.

He explainined that it clearly demonstrates Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panins move has not been properly thought through and so is bound to deepen the disputes for the Region than bringing the intended solutions. It is also an attempt by the failed leadership of the house to clinch onto power at all costs.

But refering to the selection of the Gyaasehene and Ankobeahene to the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs, Mr Afunya also kicked against the decision of the destooled Nana Osei Nyarko III to appoint and nominate those two sub-chiefs chiefs who are not even divisional chiefs in Boso-Gua to the ERHoC.

“We are therefore confused and also furious about how the selection of these Chiefs was arrived at.

The fact is, going by the customs of our community,  the Gyaasehene and the Ankobeahene do not qualify to be Divisional Chiefs. They are rather sub-chiefs who serve under the Omanhene. We do not have a rule that every chief who serves under the Omanhene is a Divisional Chief.

The third Chief in the list who indeed is a divisional Chief is deceased so we wonder whose idea it was to select them as representatives to the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs in the first place and why was it done without any notice to us.

“We divisional chiefs and opinion leaders in the Boss-Gua Traditional area see this situation as a direct fallout from the move initiated by Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin. It is a typical example of the unintended challenges that Omanhene of New Juaben Traditional Area, Daasebere Oti Boateng referred to in his protest note,” he noted. Awlesu

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