Chief Justice and President Akufo-Addo

A CHALLENGE has been thrown to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to show to Ghanaians if indeed he means his 2016 campaign word to run an incorruptible leadership in the country if he elected the President of the Republic of Ghana.

A very high profile criminal case that many Ghanaians were currently appealing to President Akufo-Addo to intervene by way of urgently setting up independent Investigative Committee to commission a full investigations into it to demostrate his position of running incorruptible leadership is the cocaine bust up reported case by the police officers at Kwsimintsim District Police Command in Takoradi of the Western Region.

According to Ghanaians, the matter was mishandled in an Accra High Court presided over by Her Lordship, Madam Lorinda Owusu.

“Now our Mr Akufo-Addo has got the nod so we want his actions now on above criminal matter to attest to the fact that he has proven to Ghanaians of running incorruptible leadership in the country” they said.

Ghanaians have recalled the bizarre situation in the media report by Today newspaper on how a dismissed police officer at Kwsimintsim District Police Command in Takoradi in the Western Region, General Corporal Salihu Mohammed, has, for the first time, broken his silence on the alleged GH¢65,000.00 bribe, a retired judge of Takoradi circuit court and three senior police officers took from a suspected cocaine Dealer, Mr Ebenezer Koomson, to free him from the police custody.

Consequently, Mr. Mohammed, who was dismissed as a result of his position against the alleged bribe his senior colleagues and the retired judge took from the cocaine suspect, blamed the former Minister of Justice and Attorney General’s Department (A-G) and the office of the Chief Justice for refusing to pursue the cocaine case after petitioning the two state institutions.

Retired judge, Charles Nimako, who sat on the case and the then Kwesiimintsim District Police Commander, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Ayamga Yakubu, who is currently at the police training college at Tesano in Accra were alleged to have received the said mony from the suspect in order to free him.

In a seven-page petition with a covering letter dated October 7, 2014 which was addressed to the then Minister of Jstice and Attorney-General, Mrs. Marietta brew Oppong, and copied to the Chief justice, Mrs. Georgina Theodora wood, commission on human rights and administrative justice (CHRAJ) and the inspector general of police which copy today has chanced upon, gave accounts of how the cocaine suspect was arrested, the alleged bribery involved and the subsequent dismissal of the police officer unfolded.


According to the petition, the dismissed police officer claimed that somewhere in January 2012, he led three colleague officers’ lance corporal Frederick Opoku and lance corporal Frederick. Darkwah all of Kwesimintsim Police Station in Takoradi, after he had received a tipoff concerning the activities of an alleged drug baron, Ebenezer Koomson, at Bnkyiese, a suburb of Tokorradi, which falls under Kwesimintsim police station.

The said person, the petition continued was in possession of some whitish rocky substance suspected to be cocaine.

After the arrest, the petition said the suspect was taken to the station where he was interrogated by the district commander, DSP Yakubu Ayamge in the presence of the crime officer, deputy superintendent B.O. Acquah, chief inspector Paul Ankann, and three other civilians who were invited by the commander to witness the interrogation process.

And in the process of the interrogation, the dismissed police officer said the suspect claimed ownership of the substance when he disclosed that this supplier was a Nigerian residing in Accra new-town.

“My supplier asked me to come to Takoradi and try the various markets to see if we can do business here,” the suspect was reported to have said during the interrogation.

According to general corporal Mohammed (dismissed police officer), he saw the intention of his superior to cover-up the case when after the interrogation he order  that the suspect alongside the arresting officers be detained   detained.

The petition said he and his other colleagues were later released for committing no offence. But he claimed the detention was an attempt to deter them from testifying against the suspect in court after his boss supt. Yakubu Ayamga), was alleged to have received his share of GH¢25.000 of the GH¢65.000 bribe the suspect gave to him, the retired judge and the three other police officers who were involved in the arrest.

According to the petition, supt. Ayamga was purported to have promised to “frustrate, stop and deal ruthlessly with any of the police officers who would make any attempt to testify in the case in court.”

Consequently the petition said he assured the judge on the case, Mr. Charles Nimako, that no witness would be in court to testify against the suspect and for that matter, he (the judge) could do his “own thing.”

Subsequently, the judge who was also alleged   to have received his share of GH¢25.000 of the booty, the petitioner said, in blatant disregard of the law, granted bail to the suspect.


After the suspect was freed by the judge, the dismissed police officer said he started receiving threat messages from the suspect and some Nigerians suspected to be his “business associates. He said when he sensed that his life was in danger, he left Ghana in March 2013.

“The district commander did all that he could to silence me by setting me up but to no avail,” the petition indicated.

According to the petitioner, his offence was that he wanted to testify in court against the cocaine suspect which his boss, three colleague officers and the retired judge were not in support of.

He further alleged that the drug law enforcement unit in Sekondi at a point invited his colleague, lance corporal Charles Deku, and gave him some money and also asked him “to convince me to take some money so that I will soften my stance on the bribe and insisted that the suspect be made to face that full Rigours of the law.


The petition continued that after all attempts to frame-up general corporal Salihu Mohammed failed, supt. Ayamga tried the last ‘bullet’ under his sleeve which illegally lad to his (Salihu Mohammed )  dismissal. According to the petitioner, supt. Ayamga on March 3, 2013 at 6;45 PM, invited general corporal Mohammed to his office via a telephone call when the latter was at that time taking care of his wife at the European hospital in Takoradi.

He said he quickly ran to the station where he was accused of money counterfeiting. The petition said supt. Ayamga told corporal Salihu that one Edmund Cudjoe had brought a  complaint to the station that he (corporal Salihu ) aided some men in the person of Douglas Kwame Asafua and one Abudu while in uniform at Agona Nkwanta to take GH¢26.000 from the complainant under the Pretex of exchanging some fake currency for him.

But corporal Salihu in the petition denied any knowledge of the Accusation.” I have not taken any money from anybody either being fake or genuine, or I have not been to any place with the above mentioned people,” the petitioner said.

But supt. Ayamga who was bent on ‘dealing’ with corporal Salihu, the petition said, instructed that he should be detained for which “I was detained for almost seventy two hours after which I was asked to write statement in respect to the allegation.” After writing his statement, supt. Ayamga said he was not convinced and that chief inspector Paul Ankan should take another statement from him which he refused, saying “I was not enlisted into the police service as an illiterate.”

And when supt. Ayamga could not contain what he described said he ordered that he should be sent back Tosell corporal Salihu said he was later released on self-recognizance bail and was told that a service enquiry was to be held against him.

But for those two suspects, who were alleged in the money counterfeiting, the petition said were arraigned biform court which was presided by the same justice Charles Nimako.

Corporal Sahilu said he was later served with formal proceeding of a service enquiry to be presided over by one deputy superintendent, Alex Tieku. “I was given seven days to reach him (deputy supt. Tieku) with an ‘exculpation latter’ and also had the liberty to be represented by a counsel,” he stated. But he said before of the proceedings, he was asked to proceed on indefinite leave and that was the end of his carrier as police officer.


On Friday, February 5, 2016 Today went to the offices of the attorney- general, chief justice, CHRAJ and the IGP to get their said of the story, having been already notified in the petition on the alleged cocaine case, bribery and unlawful dismissal of a police officer.

At the AG’s office, room 9 where our reporters were directed to go, a certain man and a woman who  refused to give their names admitted sighting the said petition but said;’ we do not have the power to speak on this case, it is only our boss (referring to the minister) who can speak on the issue.
Also at the police headquarters, Today was told that the IGP was not in the office but the director of public affairs, Superintendent Cephas Arthur, who was also not in the office, on telephone promised to meet our reporters over the issue.

In the case of the CJ’s, a police officer confirmed the petition and even claimed that he knew the dismissed police officer.

He then collected a copy of the petition from our reporters with the explanation that he was going to give it to the CJ’s secretary to cross-check from her files whether it had been work on.

Apparently, the supposed CJ’s secretary whose name was just given as Eva was alleged to  have been bribed by the retired judge not to send any petition she would receive from the dismissed police officer to the her boss which instruction she honored to the  letter.

Consequently after two hours of waiting, our reporters were asked to bring another one by this same Eva claiming that it was not in her system.


However, during the trail of the case in an Accra High Court presided over by Her Lordship, Madam Lorinda Owusu, the court sets set these directions whether Corporal Sahilu arrested cocaine or not what thereafter.

It further set in the whether Corporal Sahilu was involved in fake currency dealing and the service enquiry was fair and proper.

At the end of the trial,fortunately Corporal Sahilu proved with the documentary evidence that indeed there an issue of cocaine which they had denied and the said cocaine was nowhere to be found.

Interestingly, athough Yakubu Ayamge admitted under crossed examination having received the cocaine from Corporal Sahilu, the court ruled on favour of him which has backed the wrongly dismissal from Corporal Sahilu frim the Ghana Police Service.

It was also established in court that the cocaine suspect, Mr Ebenezer Koomson has been remanded into police custody by the Circuit Court presided over by His Lordship, Mr Charles Nimarko Bamfo and was released by the police officers including Yakubu Ayamga.

It was also established in court that the suspects including Yakubu Ayamga refused to go by the instructions of the IGP to interdict and charge Corporal Sahilu for court along side the suspects they claimed mentioned his (Corporal Sahilu) name as the police man who aided them.

This was an indication that the said suspects were never taken court convicted of any crime but to cover up their cocaine deals they fabricated that story.

It was also established in court that the service enquiry did not follow due process.

It further also established up to date cocaine and the suspect are nowhere to be found.

However, after all overwhelming evidence concluded that since Corporal Sahilu did attend the service enquiry he has no case.

However Corporal Sahilu’s lawyers demanded ten thousand Ghana cedis for an appeal because they suspected a foul play Corporal Sahilu couldn’t produce the money. Awlesu

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