The Woman Behind The Evacuation Of UK Residents From Ghana Back To The UK, “Kate Jectson Pratt”.

People all round the world turn to travel for business, visiting and for tourism. This year became one of the most catastrophic travelling that foreigners experienced globally.

We can all recollect information on the recent pandemic disease named COVID 19 caused by a coronavirus and was birth in Wuhan, China. 
The World Health Organization (WHO) in their reports declared the disease as a global pandemic and as a result of that, countries began shutting their boarders.
An enormous number of people who traveled in their reason for visit to their families, business and tourism were deprived from returning back to their countries after the closure of boarders.
In Ghana, many countries with chartered flights seek permission from the authorities of the nation to grant unto them the evacuation of their citizens who couldn’t flew back as the result of the closure of boarders.

Kate Jectson Pratt, a 46 year old who lived in Bexley Kent with her husband and 2 kids on March 9th 2020 left for Ghana to bury her late dad. She planned on going for two weeks so she could return back and finish her final year assignment and dissertation.

“The boarders in Ghana shut down on me whilst I was in Ghana and all attempt to get on any of the four evacuations organised by the British High commission proved futile.” She said.
It was after her discussion with Maxwell also known as Dr. Kobby for her to travel through Dusseldorf that she decided to start evacuation process to get stranded UK residents back to the UK.

Her hard-work was eyed by the CEO of Kikotaad Media Company, Mr. Kindsford Aduful and earned a free advertisement on all their web pages to bring onboard more stranded UK residents. 

Through the team work of Maxwell, they were able to get support from the Diaspora office, approval from the President and aviation to go ahead with their chartered flight.
“It seemed impossible at the beginning as some people thought we were out there to scam them” she said.
The impossible became possible as she and her team were able to evacuate over 200 stranded UK residents back home to their families on July 12th 2020.

Behind a successful man is a great woman”, same goes to this mission, “behind a successful mission is a great leaders.

Upon her success of being able to carry the stranded residents of UK, she has planned to create another room to help evacuate the strandees who couldn’t for some reasons join the first mission be able to have their share of flying back to the UK.

Her team planned to accomplish the started mission until the finish part of it and further on help strandees of other countries fly back to their families.

People who thought Mrs. Kate Jectson Pratt and her team were in for scam are now calling on for help for the second evacuation to take place.

Source:kikotaad media

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