Jubilation Galore! As Court Rules Out Chieftaincy Status Case In Favour of Manhean Ga West Zongo Chief

THERE was jubilation galore when the Amasaman District Court in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region presided over Her Worship,Mrs Hathia Ama Manu has threw out the legal suit filed at the court by Sarki Abdul-Kardil Ahmed Abdul-Kardir playing the court to put interlocutory injunction on the installation of an businessman, Ali Alhassan as the substantive chief of the whole Zongo community in Manhean under the Ngleshie Alata Traditional Council.

Sarki Abdul-Kardil Ahmed Abdul-Kardir who is the current chief of the Wala Tribe at the Manhean has claimed that he has been installed for the chief for Mahean Zongo over five years ago to rule the whole chief for Zongo Mahean in the Ga West Municipality hence his decision to drag Ali Alhassan to court asking the court to restrain his installation as the substantive Zongo chief for Mahean community but roled out the case in favour of Ali Alhassan.

This was the chieftaincy case between Ali Alhassan (defendant/respondent) and Sarki Abdul-Kardil Ahmed Abdul-Kardir and for the plaintiff/applicant) who is Sarki Abdul-Kardil Ahmed Abdul-Kardir playing the court to grant an order of interlocutory injunction to him to restrain Ali Alhassan (the defendant) from being installed the chief of Manhean Zongo Communnity.

In the writ of summons the plaintiff (Sarki Abdul-Kardil Ahmed Abdul-Kardir) in his support in the motion attached included the membership of the certificates, ceremonial photographs as well as letters from the chief of Manhean and General Secretary of Greater Accra Council of Zongo Chiefs to the Amasaman District Police Commander and Odorkor Police Divisional Commander respectively asking for the Ghana Police Serviceintervention to prevent Ali Alhassan from being installed by the chief of Manhean Zongo.

The argument of plaintiff’s Counsel, Mr Frank K. Nikoi and averements made in the application was vehemently opposed to by defendant’s Counsel, Mr Isaac Aidoo who did not deny having aver made an attempt to be installed as a chief.

But in response the counsel stated that the plaintiff coronation was to make him a chief of his Wala tribe and not the whole Zongo Manhean and he had been nominated as the Zongo Chief of Manhean but was yet to set a date for coronation.

However the magistrate held that the facts presented by the plaintiff and defandent (applicant and respondent) it was evident that the respondent disputes the legal title of the applicant and since evidence of alleged attempts to be installed chief proceed the commercemect of the action b the application for same relief l here refuse the application.

The presiding judge ruled that the motion on the notice for interlocutory injunction is denied as the title applicant is playing to be preserved is yet be established.

Document sighted by this reporter dated December 6 2019 indicated that it is Ali Alhassan whom is the rightful person the President of the Ga-Dangbe Muslim Council Suitan Ahmad Nii Nortey has introduced to the Manhean Council of elders to be installed the substantive chief of Manhean Zongo Communnity in Ga West Municipality.

It emerged that there was confirmation letter dated December 5, 2020 from the Ngleshie Manhean which has warned and indicated that Sarki Abdul-Kardil Ahmed Abdul-Kardir has not installed as the chief Manhean Zongo but rather was installed the chief of Wala Tribe at the Manhean community.

Speaking in an interview with some senior journalists yesterday, Ali Alhassan congratulated the court for ruling the case in favour of him which has ended the chieftaincy status dispute in the area.

According to the him, the court ruling is the vicory for all Muslims in the area and called on Sarki Abdul-Kardil Ahmed Abdul-Kardir and his factions to cease fire and come to join him and his elders to bring the needed development in the Manhean community.

The legaly installed Manhean Zongo Chief admonished the elders and youth of the Manhean Zongo in Ga West to be at peace, unite, love one another, be disciplined at all times and refrain from the negative activities that may have the tendency to create serious problems and tension within Manhean and its surroundimg environs.

He noted that the disunity among elders and youth of the land is hindering the development of the Manhean.

The Manhean Zongo Chief who is passionate about the development of the youth in the area further admonished the youth to refrain from activities that would make them fall foul of the law.

The Manhean Zongo Chief indicated that the agenda of the central government to make Accra one of the cleanest cities in Africa must be a collective effort and responsibility of citizens living within the city and its environs.

He stressed that the sight of people dumping waste indiscriminately into “our drains must be condemned by all well-meaning citizens.”

He stressed that the offenders of the environmental protection laws must not be spared from having to face the full rigors of the law since it was through their notorious activities that the city was flooded anytime it rains.

He further stressed that the Greater Accra Zongo Traditional Council would lend its support to Ga West Municipal Assembly and other assemblies within its jurisdiction to achieve the objective of making Accra a clean city.

Ali Alhassan who was installed on July 19, 2020 at his residents at Manhean as the new Zongo Chief of Manhean brought the whole town to a state of jubilation.

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