Conspiracy against Kpone-Gbetsile Paramountcy: Nii Teye Kojo Amankwah Sune I Goes Wild!

CHIEF of Gbetsile, the fast developing community under Kpone Traditional Area in the Greater Accra Region, Nii Teye Kojo Amankwah Sune I, has threatened to institute punitive actions against some recalcitrant residents who currently accused him for his alleged leading roles in sand winning activities which hitherto has contributed to flooding situation in the area.

“I’m already consulted my kinsmen on the matter,” he confirmed, adding that, “I would not this time round sit idle for those unscrupulous and self seeking residents in the area to go public to make disparaging remarks to tarnish my name again. If they are men they should continue their lies against me again.

“I want to ask them if they have any traditional capacity and authority to remove or distool me as a gazated chief of Kpone-Gbetsile community. I also asking those making such complain in the public if they can substantiate their claims proving that l have actually involved in sand winning activities in the area which contributed to the flooding in the area. “I am ever ready to seat down with them to tell me on authority that I am in involve in the sand winning act,” the chief stated.

According to him, the real questions to be asked those who are complaining to the general public was that have they been able to construct any drainage or gutter system that can control the flooding system in their areas of abode in Gbetsile community.?

He questioned that has the real persons who are complaining bitter about all the flooding situation seen any gutter or drainage system in Kpone-Gbetsile community that can prevent the flooding situation.

“I took a journalist around to the area to see whether l worked to choke gutters and drains for that reason the flood water is coming to the houses of those residents who are accusing me.

“l am saying from my point of view that the Gbetsile is a fast developing community for that reason unless we actually instigate the flooding preventive project in term of constructing of gutters and drains within our community system, other than that we are going to continuously experience all these flooding situations in the area,” he said.

He pointed out those residents who are making complain bitterly to the public not even have proper and legal building documents to attest to their legal stay on the lands.

“One thing was that when they are going to buy their lands they usually come to buy them in the dry seasons and not even raining seasons for which they don’t know the nature of the lands before buying them.

“We have the natural ways that the rain water usually passes through for which nobody can stop it flow by nature unless there is a proper drainage system over there, the people would surely experience the flood and then they would turn up to apportion blame to the chief. They should rather blame themselves for illegally building structures on the water ways in the area,” he stressed.

Nii Teye Kojo Amankwah Sune I was reacting to the media publication carried by online news portal on Friday June 5, 2020 edition with the headline ” Gbetsile Residents Call Out Chief For His Alleged Roles In Flooding.”

The development oriented chief in Gbetsile, said the allegation against him makes him look ridiculous in the eyes of the public, but said it is yet qanother string of outrageous lies that these scrupulous residents in the area continue to churn out against him.

Nii Teye Kojo Amankwah Sune l called on the general public to disregard a recent accusation by some residents qat Gbetsile and stated that those who qmade such allegations against him and called for his out as the chief in the area are not following the on-going social and infrastructure development in Gbetsile community since he was installed the chief in the area for past five years.

In the above-mentioned publication, the residents have vented their spleen on the chief of the area for his alleged roles in contributing to flooding in the area.

According to narrations by a resident who sent a video to GhanaWeb, the chief in the area allegedly supervised sand winning activities on a vast land space some years back which has now left the land bare.

The resident indicated that the area has now become a waterlogged area which largely contributes to flooding in the area anytime it rains.

But in a quick rebuttal, Nii Teye Kojo Amankwah Sune I rubbished all the allegations leveled against him.

He observed that while he has a developmental mentality ensuring that at least social and infrastructure amenities which will help his people to live a meaningful life, others with backward and pull him down mentality to ensure that he failed but with the Almighty God on his side, he will succeed for his people to benefit.

He described the purpose behind the said publication as the work of people withunprogressive mentality who do not want the Kpone-Gbetsile area to develop.

“If you have a good idea to change the status your place and people amongst you begin to counteract your relentless effort, it means that your idea is a good one,” he intimated

He explained that the area which was once used for the sand winning activities was an area where criminals hind to attack unsuspecting residents and the vulnerable people with offensive weapons.

“I want to state that area in question was a place where unscrupulous individuals do engaged in nafarious activities therefore when l ordered for clearing of that area has triggered their wrath against me but I am not perturbed, God is my guide,” the chief further stressed.

According to the chief, most of the land developers only bought their lands from unauthorized dealers who are members Kpone-Gbetsile Stool, making them not have the proper plan of the area.

He maintained that most of the residents purchased their lands during the dry season and those unathorized persons who sold the lands to them could not tell them whether or not the area was a water logged area.

“It must be on record that at the time they bought their lands, I did not become a chief in the area,” the chief added.

The scores of residents interviewed over the matter when the chief took this reporter around the affected area stated that the area is a water logged hence water flowing from the ground coupled with the rain water could flood the area because most of the residents have built on water ways.

One of the residents who mentioned her name as Vida Akron revealed that the area under focus was a hill and that she understood that the sand winning activity took place over there but she could not tell if that was done under the regime of Nii Teye Kojo Amankwah Sune l.

She added that most people bought the land from the wrongful persons.

She cautioned the residents in the area to stop the habit of politicking with the administrative and traditional activities of the chief, and called on the general public, particularly the people in the area to treat the above-mentioned publication with the contempt it.

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