I Ordered Police To Arrest Ayikai Doblo Youth Because They Attempted To Kill Me-Principal Attorney of Nii Adama Pataku Family Lands fires back

PRINCIPAL Attorney for Nii Adama Pataku Family Lands at Abamma community in Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Mr James Laryea Ashia, has admitted of ordering a team of police officers to effect the arrest of some arrogant young men at Ayikai Doblo numbering about twenty (12), believed to be the hired thugs who attempted to kill him on Saturday May 9, 2020 around 10:30 AM without any provocation.

Mr Leryea who doubles as a Estates Developer pointed out that the stick and stone wilding young men had attacked and severely wounded him in his face on that Saturday May 9, 2020.

He lamented that the recent attack was meted out him by the thugs believed to be working for some elders at Ayika Doblo when he went on the land at Abamma near Ayikai Dobo to show some police officers who returned from the peace keeping mission in Sudan the portions of their land they legelly bought from the Nii Adama Pataku Family being headed by Alhaji Abdullah Shorwumi Williams.

According to Mr Laryea, the boys had chased him out from the site and when he was driving in his private car to escape from the attack, all of the sudden, the ring leader of the Ayikai Doblo boys, Paul Among succeeded in throwing a vital mult bottle which hit his face and eventually wounded him.

And not the police intervention, Mr Laryea stated that the Ayikai Doblo young men should have killed him in the site on that fateful date.

He noted that the police officers who were with him before the unfortunate incident occurred were managed to quickly arrest twelve of the suspects who would be processed before court of conpentence jurisdiction in the coming days.

He revealed that he was a target to young men and some self seeking elders at Ayikai Doblo because of his refusal to allow the various individuals land developers and organizations who gratuitously acquired their family lands through Nii Doodo Amu aka T.J Azonto and other self seeking elders from Ayikai Doblo from developing them at Abamman.

According to him, the move by the boys of their pay masters to attack him was engineered by some elders of Ayikai Doblo including Nii Doodo Amu and his cronies to pave way for them to continue to sell the vast acres of lands at Abamman belonging to Nii Adama Pataku Family.

He stated that although Nii Doodo Amu has been given a power of attorney by Akumajay Divisional Council led by Nii Ayika III on November 18, 2013 to persecute, defend and answer all actions and other legal proceedings and demands touching on any of the matters in connection with the Ayikai Doblo lands, that power has nothing to do with the sales of the Nii Adama Pataku Family Lands located at Abamma since their lands were not part of the Ayikai Doblo lands.

” Even though the Nii Adama Pataku Family Lands at Abamma was not Ayikai Doblo lands, Nii Dodoo Amu aka T.J Azonto and some elders in Ayikai Doblo have moved from Ayikai Doblo to Abamma near Amasaman were legally and unlawfully engaged in the indicriminate selling of the Nii Adama Pataku Family lands at Abamma to unsuspecting Ghanaians without the consent and knowledge of the members of Nii Adama Pataku family,” Mr Laryea revealed.

He cited the circumstances where some young men from Ayikai Doblo stormed the land site at Abamman to destroy the footings foundation of the building structures and drove away the workers of the land developers who genuinely bought lands from the Nii Adama Pataku Family.

Mr Laryea was responding to the recent allegations leveled against him by some youn men, land developers and custodian land owners in Ayikai Doblo in the Ga West Municipality to the effect that he described them as landguard operatives.

The residents in Ayikai Doblo in the media report in New Crusading Guide, Bizzygh.com and Myafricatoday.net that Mr Laryea has made a dangerous move to allegedly hire some police officers from the Combat Unit of the Ghana Police Service Headquarters with the supreme support of police officers from the Amasaman District Police Command and Airport Police Station to constantly visit mayhem at some youth and land developers in the area.

The media report stated that this action was ostensibly taken by Mr Laryea in order to pave way for him to continue to sell the vast acres of lands belonging to the Ayikai Doblo Stool which situation has made some distraught youth contemplating to leave the Ayikai Doblo community for the fear of being attacked and arrested by the police.

It indicated that on Friday May 23, 2020 a team of police believed to be hired police officers by Mr Laryea aka Ashia stormed Ayikai Doblo township to unlawfully arrest twenty three (23)) young men, thereby accusing them of landguard operatives.

The police officers on orders of Mr Laryea were said to have reportedly arrested the young men and succeded in taking away Mr Paul Among, who the police claimed was the leader of the young men to the Amasaman District Police Command and later transferred him to Airport District Police Command and detailed him for three days.

In the wake of the unfortunate incident, the guns wilding police officers were reported to have also seized and took away a brand new jagel motor bike of one of the victims, who gives his name as First Boy without any apparent reasons.

Narrating his ordeal in an with this reporter, Mr Paul Among, a sand reload excavator machine operator who married with the two children lamented that he was subjected to the severe beatings by some officers when he was detailed in the police cell in Airport District Police Command with the wrong accusation to the effect that he (Paul Among) is a ring leader of landguard operatives in Ayikai Doblo community.

A 23-year-old Mr Paul Among who stated that he was still enduring pains in his entire body complained that he was beating by the police officers in Airport District Police Command after Mr Laryea has paid some goodies to the police and ordered the police officers in his face that they should deal with him.

But in a quick riposte, Mr Laryea stated that all the claims by the boys are false which does not have any legal consequence.

He called on Ghanaians, particularly individuals land developers and organizations to disregard the recent claims by the youth of Ayikai Doblo describing him (Mr James Laryea Ashia) as a self-styled caretaker for the lands of Nii Adama Pataku Family at Abamma.

Describing himself as a legitimate principal attorney for the Nii Adama Pataku Family, Mr Laryea noted that the head of Nii Adama Pataku Family, Alhaji Shorwumi Abdullah Williams through the Counsel in Painstsil and Co legal firm in Accra had written a letter warning Ghanaians not to deal with Nii Doodo Amu in connection of lands selling business in Abamman community.

In a two page letter written by the legal firm signed by the Counsel of the two clients, Mr Kwaku Y. Painstsil distributed to various state and private agencies including the current District Chief Executive of Amasaman Municipal Assembly who was reported to have illegally purchased some accres of the said from the lands from Nii Dodoo Amu reads in part ” we act on behalf of Alhaji Shorwomi Williams.

The letter dated May 20, 2020 noted that “Our client’s attention has been drawn to present dealing between you and a certain land guards called Nii Amu Dodoo by which ypu claim to be a purchaser of a portion of the Nii Adama Pataku family lands situate and being at Abanman, near Ayikai Doblo.”

It continued that we have our client’s instructions to bring to your notice that whatever transaction between you and the said Nii Amu Dodoo is null and void of no legal effect on the basis that he lacks capacity to act on behalf of the Nii Adama Pataku family.”

The letter indicated that ” Besides, portions of the said land have already allocated to the family’s grantees. Consequently, the principle of memo dat quod habet applies to any further dealings with portions of the same land.

“We are therefore under the instructions of our client’s to request that you cease from any further with the land forthwith,” the letter warnd

In the fact, Mr Laryea warned those land developers and organizations who bought from Nii Dodoo Amu at Abanman near Ayikai Doblo should immediately cease to develop their lands.

According to him, those land developers have no proper documents covering the land since they did not acquire them genuinely from tNii Adama Pataku family who are custodian owners of Abamma lands.

He expressed worry about the illegal sale of their lands located at Abam-man near Amasaman by a group of people including Nii Dodoo Amu who are not members of their family, a situation he described as unfortunate and dangerous for their future generations.

Mr Laryea on behalf of head of the Nii Adama Pataku family of Mmreku and Akanmajey, Alhaji Abdullah Showme Williams indicated that the fraudulent and unauthorized sales of lands within the Abam-man area has a serious reprecautions in the future and tasked public not to deal with anyone on said lands than him James Ashie Laryea who is acting as an attorney on Abam-man lands.

He cited the involvement of Nii Dodoo and Nii Ayikai III including their associates in the fraudulent sale of Nii Adama Pataku family lands.

According to him to principal attorney of Nii Adama Pataku family, several meetings held and caution letters issued to Nii Dodoo Amu and Ayikai III and his cronies to desist from the illegal sales of the land has proved futile, a situation which has become worrying for the family.

He stressed that the unlawful sales of land by Nii Doodo Amu and his associates has ended in court.

“The fraudulent sale of that portion of the Nii Adama Pataku family land at Abam-man instead of Ayikai Doblo as deceitfully and smartly stated in the fictitious document executed by Nii Doodo Amu and Nii Ayikai III.

Meanwhile, Mr Laryea welcomed the recent decision taken by the Nii Ayikai III and Nii Dodoo Amu to take Nii Adama Pataku family of Mmreku and Akanmajey to court over the claim of ownership Abam-man in Accra and stressed that they are ready to battle hem in court.


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  1. S. Mensah- King

    These lawless land guards again. The police must restore law and order in order that those places can be developed in peace. That’s what Mr. Laryea stands for.
    I have my land nearby and I know the thugs who are planting anarchy there.
    The police must win. The law must win here no matter what.

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