We Would Deal With Miscreants Tomato Traders In Hearts Park -Accra CMB Tomato Dealers Queen-Mother Angry

PERSISTENCE fraughting of the mandatory routine tomatoes sale schedules by some miscreants tomato traders in the Central Business District (CBD) of Accra-CMB tomatoes market centre who had recently relocated to the Hearts Park adjacent to the Arts Centre in Accra has informed the decision of the leadership of the Association under the umbrella body of Greater Accra Tomato Traders to agree on the disciplinary policies and actions to enhance the financial and business operating security of the various traders in the market.

The leadership led by the substantive queen-mother of CMB Tomato Traders Association, Naa Charity Otumfo l in the consultation with the Korley Klottey Municipal Assembly have agreed to recently issue the punitive pushement to any trader who fraught the routine tomatoes sale schedules to go on trip on her own to bring in free tomatoes from other regions to the current business location in Accra Hearts Park for sale.

They anamously agreed to disallow entering into the tomatoes commercial market centre in Hearts Park of the vehicles loaded with the cartons of fresh tomatoes from other regions or neigbouring countries like Burkina Faso and Togo by any miscreat trader who may arrogantly used their own power to embark on the trip to bring in fresh tomatoes to Accra for sale.

The decision was taken at the crunch meeting held in Accra on Monday May 25, 2020 to plan for the roadmoad on how to enforce the routine tomatoes sale schedules as they about to enter into the season of buying the fresh tomatoes from the local communities in Ghana since the tomatoes trading season from neighbouring Burkina Faso has come to an end.

The CMB Tomato Traders Association with 265 membership at the CMB, and headed by National President Ghana National Tomato Traders Association, Madam Lydia Afoley Anum has a routine schedule for the sale of tomatoes which guarantees that five trucks with each truck carrying eight traders from the CMB association will go on a trip each day.

But, according to the leadership of the Association, some traders had continued to adopt their previous bad practices they had been putting up at Accra Brewery/CMB Market in their current location in Accra Hearts Park to disobey the mandatory routine tomatoes sale schedule.

They noted that they had advised those traders ibcluding the substantive Queen-Mother for Accra Brewery/CMB Market, Naa Ayikai Korle Dudor l (Dzalanye) aka Grace Konu Ogboo to desist from going contrary to the rules and regulations in the market but their advises have fallen into their deaf ears.

They pointed out that Madam Grace Konu Ogboo and her group members were given every Mondays as their routine tomatoes sale schedule to go on trip to bring in freshtomatoes to Accra for sale but it seems that sometimes they used their power to go to bring in chunk of fresh tomatoes from other regions to Accra for sale.

This situation, she said had made the traders recording low sales due to the abundant of the tomatoes in the market.

Addressing the meeting the Queen-mother of Tomato Traders of CMB, Naa Charity Otumfo condemned the attitudes of those recalcitrant tomato traders who had teamed up with Naa Ayikai Korle Dudor l to disobey their schedule.

The queen vowed that she would not contenance for Grace Konu Ogboo and group to continue to disobey the tomatoes schedule since they are entering into the tomatoes buying local season.

“I want to say that Grace Kuno Ogboo is not the Queen-Mother for Accra CMB Market, l am the legitimate and recognize Queen-Mother for the tomato traders for Accra CMB Market who was installed ostensibly to regulate tomatoes sale business. I am not in fight with Grace. Grace is my sister who l respect a lot and what l know was that she has been installed as the queen mother of Accra-CMB Market by the market land owners who was given different mandate or duties to pursue.

“Grace is the tomatoes trader so she should allow me to do my job of controlling and regulating tomatoes business in the market. She should ensure to comply with the Mondays routine tomatoes sale schedule given to her and her group to go on trip to bring in tomatoes to Accra for sale period in order to prevent herself from landing into the trouble,” CMB tomato sellers queen-mother stated.

She reiterated the call on the managers of Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and Ministry of Trade and Industry to call Grace Kuno Ogboo and his followers to order.

“Madam Grace Kuno Ogboo and his followers should be made to respect our law and regulations (tomatoes sale schedule) becacuse l know that she has been installed queen-mother to control the land for Accra Brewery/CMB Market for elders of Korley but she has not been installed queen-mother to control and coordinate affairs of tomato traders in CMB,” Naa Charity Otumfo warned.

Naa Charity Otumfo pointed out that the tomatoes business in Accra have been guided by law, vowing that she would ensure that no tomatoes trader shall buy and discharge goods without the consent of the executives of both Greater Accra Tomatoes Traders Association and National.

She maintained that they would ensure that any goods brought any tomatoes trading market centres without approval shall be seized and the offender be sanctioned accordinngly.

She asserted that only accepted and approved schedule days shall become the working documents until further amendment/changes.

According to her, no trader shall crisis cross any vehicle with authority from the executives and offenders shall be sanctioned.

Pix: Queen-Mother for Accra Brewery / CMB Market, Naa Charity Otumfo I in stand addressing the gathering

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