Professor Adei In Fresh Trouble Over using unprinted language against teachers

Professor Adei

DIRECTOR of National Planning Development Committee (NPDC), Professor Stephen Adei in fresh trouble for using unprinted language against the trained professional teachers which were on the pay roll on the government under the Ghana Education Service (GES).

In a open letter to Professor Adei and copied to, the visibly annoyed teachers were not happy about the Professor Adei to
say that, teachers should be ready to forgo 50% of their pay if they want to stay home in this COVID-19 times.

“Well, we very happy to let you know that, no teacher is happy to be at home. For the simple reason that teachers are not lazy people and teachers are parents too,” the letter noted.

According to the letter, the teachers have their own children in the house instead of being in school.

“We also very sorry to tell you that teachers are very much disappointed in you. Your words are very discouraging to young people who may be aspiring to become teachers.
There are teachers who have worked for several months with some running into years without receiving a pessewa.

“Have you ever spoken about that? In your desperate attempt to impress the government and cover up for your failure as a government appointee, you ended up waking up sleeping wounded wild dogs who would end up giving you the bites of your life,” the letter stated.

The ketter said “Prof; what have you done as a leader in the fight against coronavirus? You still receive your full salary and juicy allowances which you may even secretly be pushing for increments using COVID-19 as an excuse.”

The letter quried that “How many ministers of state and other government apointees like yourself do we have in Ghana? Have you and your likes ever thought about forgoing 50% of your own fat salaries?

The the letter dared that “We expected you to come out with a well thought through proposal on incentive and insurance packages for teachers in this covid times.”

“But all you’re interested in is teachers going back to school, without you applying wisdom to the possible outbreak of the very enemy we all seek to fight. Oooh let me also remind you to seek information on what’s happening around the world regarding reopening of schools,” the letter added.

The letter said the teachers would become the most vulnerable to COVID-19 considering the number of students/pupils they handle everyday.

The letter stressed that the teachers would be very much happy to go back to school if the central government should meet the conditions of ensuring adequate provision of PPEs for teachers.

Remember, the letter posited that this cannot be handled like the way the provision and distribution teaching and learning resources are poorly handled.

The government to ensure of giving Tax wavers to teachers for only 3 months and insurance packages to be given to teachers should a teacher contract and die of COVID-19 in their line of duty.

“Teachers don’t need anything extra ordinary in order to be back to school.

“They only need the support, assurance and the trust of government to do so. So, we would humbly request of you not to speak at all, if you cannot say anything encouraging especially to or about teachers. Prof, you see, at your age, we expect and prefer to see a Solomon in you rather than just an elderly man,” the letter concluded. Awlesu

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