Tension Brews In Accra Hearts Park Tomatoes Market Over Chop Chop Of Goro Boys Monies But the traders deny allegations

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THREE female traders who deal in bulk breaking of tomatoes in the Central Business District (CBD) of CMB who had been currently relocated to the Hearts Park in Accra in the wake of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pademic have been accused of allegedly refusing of paying monies belonging to the goro boys (male porters) in the market.

It emerged that the three in the persons of Madam Adwoa Mansah, Madam Effuah Gyefua aka who is free and Mrs Christiana Adwoa Dede have condoned and succeeded in allegedly refusing to pay monies being charged by the porters who offload the cartons of tomatoes from the vehicles of the traders for sale in the tomatoes trading market centre in CMB.

The three individuals were alleged to have subsequently repeated the same inhumane practices in the Hearts Park, which situation amidst tension and confusion in the market.

Narrating their ordeal in an interview with some senior journalists in Accra yesterday, scores of porters described Madam Adwoa Mansah, Madam Effuah Gyefua and Mrs Christiana Adwoa Dede as women of greedies and wicked and called on the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to come to their aid to stop the three women from exhibiting such act.

They stated that looking at how they suffered to offload the tomatoes from the vehicles, the three female traders should be the last persons to deny them of what was due them.

The porters indicated that one truck of vehicle takes a total of hundreds (100) cartons of tomatoes from other regions to Accra and that when”we (posters) offload one vehicle of cartons of tomatoes we were paid GHC 500, which means simply that discharging of one carton of tomatoes from the vehicle cost GHC 5.00 each and multiple by 100 cartons would amounts to GHC 500 per a vehicle.”

Interestingly, they pointed out that anytime they offload the tomatoes from the vehicles in the area of the market where Madam Adwoa Mansah, Madam Effuah Gyefua and Mrs Christiana Adwoa Dede were selling their products, the three would arrogantly refuse to pay the actual mandatory money charged.

“Look our brother (refering to this reporter) in fact when we offload tomatoes cartons from the vehicles for other tomato sellers in the market, they usually pay us all our money due us immediately after the work done.

“But as for Madam Adwoa Mansah, Madam Effuah Gyefua and Mrs Christiana Adwoa Dede they are allegedly ‘choping’ our monies at all times. When we do the work for them they would tell you that they would pay us tomorrow but if they came to the market the next day and we demanded for our money to be paid they only give us what they want which may not even up to actual fee charged for discharging the goods for them. This is killing us here.

“Sometimes they would subjectd us to severe insult and tell us that they are paying tax to the AMA of the place that we came to offload the tomatoes for them. These are their behaviours they have been exhibiting in the market.But other tomato sellers in the market don’t behave in that way.Because there is no work we also take it like that,” the porters complained.

The porters indicated that they had reported their misconduct to some leadership of the Greater Accra Tomatoes Traders Association and they were dully advised but they still continued to chop “our money.”

The leadership of the tomato traders in Heart Parkwere also not happy about this behavioural practice of Madam Adwoa Mansah, Madam Effuah Gyefua and Mrs Christiana Adwoa Dede and condemned then over the situation.

They disclosed that, the three women under the law regulating the routine tomatoes sale schedule in the market, they were made to offoad their cartons of tomatoes in the market area where Mr Baba Alhassan aka Alayee usually offload his tomatoes product for sale in the market.

Unbelievable, they noted that due to their attitudes, the three female traders claimed that Mr Baba Alhassan has reported them to the police over their misconduct, hence they subsequently moved from the location of Mr Baba Alhassan and started operating on their own in order to pave for them to cash in more on the posters.

They indicated that all efforts being made by the leadership of the tomato traders for the three female traders to go back to the market location of Mr Baba Alhassan to continue their business had proved unsuccessfully, making Mr Baba Alhassan to also take advantage of the situation to fraught directives of the routine tomatoes sale schedule in the market.

According to the leadership, the tomatoes regulatory law in that segment of the market stiulates that since the three female traders left the market area of Mr Baba Alhassan,he should only offloads one vehicle of the cartons of tomatoes.

But they mentioned that Mr Baba Alhassan has refused to go by that directive or rules thereby offoading four vehicles of cartons of tomatoes like what was being done previously during the time that the three female traders were with him.

The situation, according to them, was contrary to the law governing the tomatoes business in the market, lamenting that that practice of these individuals, had also made tomatoes become abundant in the market, get rotten within few days and are thrown away.

In the wake this phenomenon, the leadership called on the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to immediately intervene by way of asking the three female traders to go back to the location of Mr Baba Alhassan for sanity to prevail in the market.

However when contacted to respond to the allegations leveled against them, Madam Effuah Gyefua on behalf of the three accused persons noted that it was not true that they have been refusing to pay money of the goro boys (posters) and choped it.

The 64-year-old trader stated that they were law abiding citizens who always respect the rights of every Ghanaian, adding that “in fact these allegations leveled against us were completely cooked one because there was no time or day that the goro boys offload our tomatoes from the vehicles and we didn’t pay them.”

On the issue of not be able to relocate to the market area of where Baba Alhassan, Madam Effuah Gyefua noted that it was their personal decision because they are currently not in good term with Mr Baba Alhassan and denied of being fraughted the law in the market.

Madam Effuag Gyefua lamented that she has problem with Baba Alhassan, making her to stay home for two solid years “so when l was called back to start my business l decided to relocate to different place within the market to continue my business, adding that l don’t want to have any problem with Baba Alhassan again.”

She called on Ghanaians public to disregard the allegations leveled against them since there no problem between them and goro boys in the market as claimed by the leadership of the tomato traders.

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