Order Perseus Mining Ghana Limited To Pay Our Compensation-Ayanfuri residents appeal to Akufo-Addo

PERSISTENCE refusal of the Perseus Mining Ghana Limited to resettle and compensate the second barge of the affected group of farmers or residents who are affected property owners of Ayanfuri, the farming and gold mining community near the Denkyira in the Central Region has generated a cold war between the residents and the gold mining company, which needs urgent action by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to nomalize the alarming situation.

According to the affected residents, since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Ghana Minerals Commission have issued the legal mining and environmental operating licenses or permits to the company to mine gold in the Ayanfuri area, the commercial operations of the gold mining giant has generally affected the livelihoods of some residents who are predominantly farmers.

The residents noted that they had reached consensus with the company to resettle and compensate the affected residents but the company has decided to selectively resettle and compensate few residents and rather left majority of them in their bad fate for the past seven years.

“We are surprised that we are still not being resettled and compensated by the company after it has carried the exercise of resettling the first barge of some affected residents in Ayanfuri in the seven years ago.

“We were all affected by the operations of the company and the company has come to the agreement with us to resettle and compensate us. But several efforts we made for the company to do so had hit a snag,” the residents stated.

They lamented that the refusal of the company to resettle and compensate them was completely violation of the Minerals and Mining law, which situation has landed many affected residents in the abject poverty.

In this effect, the leaders of the group had said that the refusal of the company to resettle and compensate the affected farmers, will trigger demonstration against Perseus Mining Ghana Limited on May 24, 2020.

They fumed that “We have now realised that the Perseus Mining Ghana Limited illegally decided not to resettle/compensate some affected property owners at Ayanfuri after declaration of Moratorium and having completed Rapid Assets Survey and Full Assets Survey.

“There are some times we decided to stage demostration to express our displeasure against the company’s delay to resettle and compensate us but the management of the company came in and pleaded with us to hold on and went ahead to promise to fix the problem but yet still nothing has been done.”

They stressed that “What we are saying now is that since the company was reluctant to resettle us then the only thing we want now is the company to sit down with us and arrange on the methods of how to pay our compensation due us.”

“In Ayanfuri, farming is our business; we are able to finance our children’s education from the sales of cocoa and cash crops like oil palm. We are an agricultural community and we want to remain as farmers hence demanding for our resettlement/compensation because the company since its operations in Ayanfuri use dangerous chemicals for its operations which pollute our water bodies and also destroy our farm lands in the area.

“We the people in Ayanfuri are farmers who usually engage in the production of food crop such as maize, cocoyam, cassava and cocoa, but over the years the company has destroyed our natural resources and vast arable land making standard of living nothing to write home about,” they lamented.

Against this backdrop, the residents called on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to immediately intervene by way of ordering the company to resettle and compensate the affected farmers or residents in the Ayanfuri area.

However several efforts made to get the management of the company to respond to the story proved unsuccessfully since many sms text messages sent to the community affairs manager of Perseus Mining Ghana Limited, Madam Evelyn Gyamfi were not answered to.

Source:Bizzygh.com/Freeman KORYEKPOR AWLESU

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