Ghanaian Lady Returns GHC2000 That Was Mistakenly Given To Her By MoMo Vendor

A Ghanaian lady by name Obeng Irene narrates how she returned GHC2000 back to a MoMo Vendor who had mistakenly given her the money.

Narrating her story, Irene Obeng said she had an errand to run which had a budget of GHC1600 as such she went to withdraw GHC2000 from her mobile money account.

According to her, after withdrawal, she quickly rushed to do something and later came back to the mobile money vendor, who handed her 2 bundles of GHC20 notes.

She quickly took the money and put in her purse without counting, and went on to do her errands. 

However, after about 5 hours of completing 70% of her errands, she realized that she has untouched bundle of money in her purse.

Feeling confused and startled, she tried to recollect where she got such money from, and then she remembered that the MoMo vendor gave her 2 bundles of GHC20 notes making GHC4000 instead of just GHC2000.

Without thinking twice, she paused her errands walked all the way back and handed over the 2000 cedis to the MoMo vendor and prompted her that she was supposed to give her just 1 bundle and not 2.

The MoMo vendor all of a sudden began trembling and crying while she (Irene) smiled at her and left.

Irene also added that the MoMo Vendor chased her with 50gh as a token but didn’t take it.


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