VERY URGENT: Ghana To Go On A Total Nationwide Lockdown On Monday

Ghana will be tightening its measures taken against the spread of coronavirus by totally locking down the country from Monday, 27th April 2020 till further notice.

Ghana was on a partial lockdown for a duration of 3 weeks from 31st March 2020 to 19th April 2020. There have been a whole lot of criticisms when the president of Ghana, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo lifted the partial lockdown restriction in the country. Many were they that criticized the fact that how can the country lockdown the country when the number of confirmed was not even up to 50 but decides to lock down when the number of confirmed cases has now exceeded 1000.

Information leaked to us by a top member in Government indicates that the ban lift was for a purpose, and it was for Ghanaians to restock themselves for what’s ahead of them. So we wondered why the Government didn’t alert citizens to prepare themselves for what’s ahead but rather leave us in the dark to and the response was in order to avoid overcrowding in market places as it happened in the first instance.

And as to when this total nationwide lockdown will be over, our source didn’t have any idea concerning that. So the President of the Republic of Ghana will be addressing the nation either this evening, Friday, 24th April 2020 or latest by Saturday, 25th April 2020. So I will advise each and everyone to start preparing themselves for that which is ahead of us.

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