Serious question,if you could see coronavirus in this manner would you still go out?

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Exactly last week the President of the Republic of Ghana declared a partial lockdown of some cities in the country just to avoid the spread of COVID-19

As at today April 5 ,Ghana has recorded a total of 214 coronavirus cases.The number of cases are those that tested positive whiles we have no idea of the number of people they came in contact with.

Some people in this country thinks is unfair on the part of the government to declare the partial lockdown because life would be difficult for them and their families to make ends meet if they are to stay home.

But one thing would like to ask Ghanaians is that, if they could see the virus in this manner would they still go out?

We all know this pandemic is going to affect everyone,the rich and the poor but if you have life you have everything.Let’s look at the number of lives this virus has taken in Italy,United States,United Kingdom,Spain etc .The virus is a respecter of no person so please let’s stay home and adhere to what the president of the republic is telling us because is for our own good.

There has been several viral videos of military personnels beating civilians who refused to stay home.We all don’t support how they are going about things but do you know they are doing that just protect you from getting the deadly disease and also passing it on to others?They are also at risk of being infected but yet still they are out there making sure we adhere to what the president said .

My fellow Ghanaians please this viral sickness is real and deadly so please let’s take very good care of our selves and let’s wash our hands frequently under running water with soap,use hand sanitizers and also social distancing.

Avoid unnecessary hand shakes and also cover your nose when sneezing but the best way to avoid being infected is staying home.

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