As China reopen its markets, the sell of frogs bats snakes dogs cats lizards and exotic wildlife still continues

The Chinese people have finally opened their markets after two months of coronavirus battle. Though China still report cases, they appear to be very few. Saturday last week, China reported 5 deaths and 45 cases which is encouraging because previous deaths and cases reported was very mind blowing. People have opened their shops and things are beginning to return to normal.

But it appears the Chinese wet markets are still operating, dealing in their usual old trades just like before the coronavirus ravaged the world. As we speak, China continues to operate markets that sell frogs, bats, cats, dogs and other exotic wildlife for public consumption. According to reports, the only difference is that, there are security officials who stop you from taking pictures.

One medicine seller at the market in Dongguan, south China, was seen advertising snakes bats toads lizards etc. to help in common ailments, according to Daily Mail.

“The markets have gone back to operating in exactly the same way they did before coronavirus. The only difference is that security guards try to stop anyone taking pictures, which should never have happened before” a correspondent who visited the market told Daily Mail.

China have ordered the shutdown of its wet markets in January after facts emerged suggested that first transmission of deadly coronavirus was from bats and other wildlife animals sold at very filthy places of commerce to human beings according to Business Insider.

Now that China says it has defeated the virus, these markets have resumed business as usual like nothing happened.

Cages full of cats bats etc. waiting to be slaughtered.  And the unclean environments they are being treated for public consumption is really disturbing.

Another market in Guilin situated in south China was full of cats bats and dogs crammed into cages and ready to be slaughtered as well with very unhealthy conditions.

Coronavirus pandemic took lives of many globally. Over close to 32,000 people are confirmed dead so far with global infections close to 700,000

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