Heartless man beats his wife nearly to death

A heartless guy beats his wife nearly to death.This sad event occurred in Benin Nigeria.In the course of the beatings,the said woman believed to be in her mid 30s lost four of her teeth.

The man had lived all his life in Canada leaving his wife and supposed children back in Nigeria. So he came down to Nigeria with the hope of relocating his family.

The wife was happy as it seemed and so were the supposed children until the man went for a DNA of the children as requested in the visa application.
Behold, the test revealed what shook the man to his bone marrow. The 3 kids are not his biological children.

What does this imply? That his ‘lovely’ wife whom he had always loved faithfully have been playing fast game on him and falsely claiming that he was their father.

Unable to bear the shame and disappointment, the gentleman in the man deserted him and he left the wife in this state.


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