My female students consuming too much ‘wee’ toffee – Kadjebi Asato SHS headmaster

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The Headmaster of the Kadjebi Asato Senior High School in the Oti Region, Dr Gideo Tay has lamented over the increase in the consumption of ‘wee toffee’ (toffee laced with marijuana) by female students of the school.

According to him, the increasing use of drugs in recent times by the students especially the girls is a major cause for concern for the school authorities.

Speaking during the school’s 60th Anniversary celebration, the Headmaster stated that the school’s management is nonetheless working tirelessly to nib the wrong deeds of the students in the bud.

“There’s a high level of indiscipline among the student in recent years. The increasing use of drugs among our students especially the girls is a major cause for concern. The use of what they call ‘wee’ toffee rather than smoking is on the rise among our students. We are doing our best to contain and deal with the situation.”

There have been calls on the government to legalize cannabis (marijuana), popularly known as ‘wee’, in the country by some advocates who believe legalizing the hard drug would help improve the current economic situation in Ghana.

On the other side, some proponents like former UN Secretary-General, Mr Kofi Annan, while alive in one of his submissions also asked the government not to only look at the negative side of the hard drug but also think about the benefits that the country can derive after decriminalizing it.

Despite this subtle but unrelenting campaign by these interest groups and civil society organizations for marijuana to be legalized in Ghana, the mental health authority says the banned substance poses health hazard on people who use it.


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