How STD kits are helping reduce the STD prevalence worldwide

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STDs represent a major health issue, not only because of their serious symptoms but because of their complications as well, in cases where they are left untreated. And this is often the case when we are talking about the population in Ghana, Africa. Unfortunately, not only are the rates of the common STDs that are growing, but also the rates of deaths to be accounted for because of these serious health issues.

Research has shown that the use of STD home tests 

is a preferred alternative to the standard clinic-based testing. And that is the idea that the Ghana Medicals have used to improve STD prevention in Ghana, Africa. With their STD kits, the Ghana Medicals are helping to make a change in Ghana but also in entire Africa as well. 

The many risks of leaving STDs untreated

STDs is short for sexually transmitted diseases, with Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HIV, Chlamydia, and Herpes being among the most common ones. Transmitted through unprotected oral, vaginal, and anal sexual intercourse, these STDs represent a serious health issue that ought to be prevented as much as possible. And yet, millions of people worldwide are diagnosed with at least one STD each year. With the STDs rates increasing each year, it is a good thing to know how to recognize them and how to prevent them in the first place. 

The symptoms of the common STDs alone might not represent a big enough problem, but what does are the multiple health risks and issues that come with leaving the common STDs untreated. And to think just how easy it is to detect and later treat most STDs, at least.

For most STDs, such as Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and Chlamydia, usually a blood test, a urine test, or a simple swab is enough to confirm the diagnosis and proceed to find the treatment method that will help eliminate its symptoms once and for all. As for treatment, thanks to the variety of antibiotics, treating most STDs has never been easier. And yet, a lot of people tend to ignore their symptoms and put their lives in danger, avoiding proper treatment. It is worth mentioning that many STDs do not cause any symptoms whatsoever until the disease has progressed, which adds to the difficulty of detecting and treat the disease as soon as possible in the first place. 

Leaving the common STDs untreated can cause a variety of possible health risks. From pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer, and blindness to future infertility, these are just some of the potential complications that often happen due to untreated STDs. And some of them, such as syphilis, can lead to meningitis, stroke, and even death for that matter. So to understand the importance of getting these diseases diagnosed and properly treated is a must at all times. 

The high STD rates in Ghana and the reasons behind them

For the longest time ever, it seemed like the STD rates in Ghana were only growing and growing, without a hope of them reducing over time. Let’s look into some of the statistical data when it comes to the common STDs and their prevalence in Ghana in the past. The seroprevalence of both HSV-1 and HSV-2 seemed to be high among women back in 2018. When it comes to Gonorrhea, there was a 6.6% prevalence within women, and 3.5% prevalence within men registered in 2017. As for Syphilis, between 2012 and 2016, the prevalence has been estimated to be approximately 2.58%. Many young lives have been lost too soon because of STDs and their complications, and that ought to stop. 

Many factors seemed to contribute to the increasing STD rates in Ghana. The public awareness of the common STDs and the threats that they seem to make to our health seemed to be the greatest one. Many people lack knowledge when it comes to protecting themselves from the common STDs. But a lot of people also tend to feel ashamed to head off to their doctor’s office and talk about getting their STD symptoms diagnosed. Despite the fact that diagnosing and treating the common STDs is often free-of-charge and available at most clinics.

In addition, people often have avoided using contraceptives for different reasons. While some have avoided using them for the purposes of the desired pregnancy, others have avoided them because they have been either unavailable to them, or because they have failed to understand the seriousness behind not using a proper contraceptive. Some clinics even offer free-of-charge condoms with the hopes of reducing the high STD rates in Ghana. And yet, it seems that it is the feeling of shame that is preventing people from asking for the much-needed help. 

Ghana medicals and their STD kits 

STD home tests seem to be a preferred alternative that comes at a low-cost and high-availability. The STD home tests are helping adults protect themselves from the dangerous STDs and their difficult complications from the comfort of their own home, protecting their privacy at the same time. And since the STD home tests have gained such popularity in the United States and worldwide, the Ghana medicals through to offer that very same, affordable, yet accurate testing method to their own people at home. 

It is all about a group of people that decided to find a solution that will be easily available for everyone, and they have used the internet to do it! So what did the Ghana medicals introduce the people of Ghana to? They introduced them to the much-needed home tests for the common STDs! So far, there is a variety of different brands that have been offering their STD home tests worldwide, but with Ghana medicals, now we have something that is very much close to home, offering accurate data, for low prices, all from the comfort of your home and while enjoying complete discretion, which for most individuals is the most important part of getting tested for the common STDs. 

Ghana medicals are offering home tests for Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and vaginal Herpes. Their home tests involve either a urine test, blood test, or a swab, depending on the STD that the individual is interested in testing. The home tests also come with extended instructions on how the individual is supposed to complete the test and later send back the sample that they have collected. Everything that an individual would require to do a home test is included. The urine or blood sample, or the swab, are then send out to the NishLab with whom the Ghana medicals are closely working with. Both the home tests and the lab are certified and FDA-approved. The results are then received within 2-3 days in complete discretion.

With their home tests, the Ghana medicals are offering a chance to anonymously get tested for any of the common STDs that we mentioned earlier, and with that, they are eliminating many of the factors that have been contributing to the high STD prevalence in Ghana. If the test results turn out to be positive, the individual will need to head to their doctor’s office to talk about treating the existing issue, but at least the home test makes it a lot easier. 

In addition, Ghana medicals are also offering tons of information on their official website on the most common STDs. People can read all about the symptoms, complications, and treatment methods as well as find out how often they need to be using a home test if they engage in unprotected sexual intercourse. They can use their website to get all the needed information, which is how the Ghana medicals are also working on raising public awareness. 

So when you have the needed information and the ability to get your hands on an accurate home test at the tips of your fingers, it is no wonder that the prevalence of the common STDs is declining at a fast rate. The Ghana medicals are able to help with the biggest problems that the population in Ghana is facing when it comes to protecting their reproductive health. Thanks to them, the STD rates are declining, while the public awareness is increasing – a perfect combination that we have been waiting for for so long now. 


The rates of STDs seemed to be growing for the longest time now until the Ghana medicals introduced us to their STD kits. Their home tests can help to diagnose any present STD symptoms within 2 to 3 days while respecting the privacy of their patients.

Ordering the STD kit is the first major step that anyone who has engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse can make, and with that, make the step towards protecting their health and their life. And now, we get to be thankful for the idea of home tests that the Ghana medicals have shared with us.


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