I’m done with jobless, poor, kiss and tell Ghanaian men – Actress Ella Mensah

Actress Ella Mensah

30-year-old Ghanaian actress Ella Mensah has got people talking after she shared what her expectations are in a relationship.

The popular actress talked about what she wants in a possible partner in an interview with Delay.

According to the Nigeria-based Ghanaian actress, most Ghanaian men are poor and jobless hence has vowed never to date or marry her country man.

“I’m done with Ghanaian men. Most Ghanaian men are jobless. They kiss and tell too much. Now I only go for white men”.

According to the actress and self-styled entrepreneur, who can’t disclose her businesses on TV due to security reasons, she is now into white men, particularly, those who are rich because poor men can’t even approach.

“Currently dating one white guy from America… Delay, he is supposed to be rich…When you look at me, do you think a poor man can approach me? Poor people when they see me, they pass…I’m not their spec…As I said, when you approach, you must know that it is not a poor man’s playground…I don’t also associate myself with poor people so its a No,” she said proudly on TV.

Watch the video below:

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