Photos:Attention seeker Shugatiti goes completely N@ked in latest photo


The 21st century woman is a problem to society and sometimes I ask myself if she ever thinks about how posterity will judge her.

Young women of our days do not care exposing themselves just for the ’15 Seconds’ of fame which does not put food on their table. Well, in retrospect of my last statement, maybe it actually does. If you know what I mean.

Even though the media is trying hard to educate and condemn this unethical behaviour, all that is being done is like the sound of houseflies in their eyes, complete blabbering and gibberish to most female youth of our deranged generation.

Self Acclaimed Actress Shugatiti who has been in the news over controversies is at it again.

This time she went completely n@ked for a photoshoot.

Watch photos below

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